I’ve mostly been playing 11133 and the fire mechanics are fine, no issues that I remember.

Switched to 11157 I noticed that using my fireplace in my LMOE shelter it would go out after a couple of turns, ok annoying. I figured that I needed more fuel and tinder which turned out to be the issue (which again very annoying needing more keypresses and fiddling around starting the fire multiple times).

Now, I just switched to 11181 and I’ve noticed that if I’m not crafting something that actually uses the fire, it won’t add more fuel from the firewood source (which might be in 11157 to, haven’t tested). VERY BAD changes imo, if I wanted the fire to go out I would deliberately go and put it out. Fireplaces have more uses than just for crafting eg warming up, light source etc.

These changes just make it not only more tedious and annoying (Game desperately needs the opposite) but reduces the uses of fireplaces should be reverted imo.

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See here:

Or search the forum, there are some topics about it:

A temporary solution to that:


As far as I know, that’s in the game for… forever. It will only draw material from the firewood source if you’re using the fire.

How was I reading/crafting (crafting things that don’t need it) with the fire constantly refueled from my source? Reading doesn’t require it?

This run I’m trying out Magiclysm maybe that’s the issue? My save from 11133 is without magic.

Yes, reading does require it (as a light source); the same with crafting.

Obviously you need light, my point is that doing it would refuel the fire.

I just tested it default world mod settings.
Version 11133 put a single splintered wood into stove with firewood source next to it. Worked perfectly, light fire, automatically inserted more wood and continued to read. No issues.

Version 11181 same as above except for the worse. As I said this is a major downgrade which only adds annoyance and tedium.

The issue (which is a bug introduced post 11150) was that size 1 fires would immediately burn out, your workaround simply makes a larger sized fire that doesn’t immediately go out. In any case I think the general consensus is that all these fire changes wasn’t intended.

Same with the no longer adding fuel to the fire issue you mentioned. I believe that the game is indeed adding new fuel to the fire but it - again - goes immediately out due to the bug. The PR to fix the fire going out bug hasn’t been merged yet, so things wouldn’t be any different in 11181 from what I can see.

I’d wait until the PR below has been merged in a later build.

The firewood zone bug is likely because the game is having troubles predicting when the fire will go out, and refuelling it as such. I bet both will be fixed with the same PR.

its been confirmed and reconfirmed multiple times by kevin himself that this is an unintentional bug and will be fixed in the near future, just sayin.