Why does my fire keep going out so fast?

For some reason, my fire keeps going out really fast and I’m not sure why. I’m curious as to whether something changed in an update since I’ve been gone, or maybe I’m just being an idiot and doing something stupid/don’t remember from before.
Anyway, I’ll put down 5 planks on the ground and set them on fire. Not only does the fire go out really fast, but not all of the planks are even used up, as they aren’t changed into ‘burnt planks.’ It’s not raining, nor is it on any tile that could be considered ‘wet’ by any means.
This ultimately isn’t that big of a deal, since I can easily just relight the fire and keep on doing what I was doing, but it’s annoying.

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Try to set the brazier indoors, onces I have the same problem and probably it happen because there’s a wind simulation in the game but it doesn’t tell you unless the winds are like hurricane level 5.

The problem with that is all the smoke. Do you know of much I could do to fix that issue in particular? Would putting the brazier right next to a window help in any significant way?

I don’t consider that a problem, more like a drawback. Unless your case is diferent of my own experience, ocassionally my characters inhale lungfuls of smoke while reading books but usually is only once or twice per session.

Try using a stove, I think the fire acts diferently using certain types of fire containing furniture, I read months ago that using stoves makes the fire last longer and possible it doesn’t produce smoke but I’m not sure.

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I usually put my brazier next to an open window and craft leaving at least one space between myself and the brazier without smoke issue, resolves the problem a lot

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An actual ‘stove’ will produce no smoke because it’s assumed to have a flue.
I think that you need to have enough ‘kindling’ to get some things burning properly. Small flammable stuff which will produce a big enough fire to get the bigger things going.
Stuff outdoors always seems to go out quickly. Stoves are the way to go where possible. Otherwise put your fire ring / brazier right next to open doors.

Weirdly enough you can fell a tree and set a log on fire, it will all burn just fine, will even spread to other logs rather fast.

Yeah, a brazier next to a window works out okay, but an upgrade to a stove is a better solution.
A stone fireplace is pretty easy to build, too, now that rocks are common.