Finding guns and ammo

I remember the times when Cataclysm was full of guns and ammo. A lot of gun stores, basements with guns, ammo and gun safes, police cars / swat trucks with guns. With a very little effort, players were able to collect 1000 lbs of guns.
Now, I have a feeling that there is much less guns and ammo than in The Last of Us. All I can find are various pistols with 5-7 rounds in them. Rifles, shotguns, submachine guns spawn only in gun stores but gun stores are quite rare. I love it. I think that developers have made a very good decision. Now I have to ‘count’ every round since I have only a few bullets.

I do not know if this is caused by my bad luck or this is a normal thing since 0.D. Do you experience a similar spawn if it comes to guns and ammo? Do you like it? Or do you prefer ‘an old’ spawn with a lot of guns and ammo?

You can find enough gun safes that it isn’t really a problem, handguns are commonly enough dropped from security related zeds that it won’t be long until you find one, and the fact that most of the time they have little or no ammo left helps with the fact that someone with a gun would only become a zombie if they were stupid or ran out of shots. Of course, if you can put one down, turrets will make sure you have all the ammo you need if you have the right sort of gun.

I find that pistol and shotgun ammo are plentiful on zed drop, some nice shotguns are dropped also by zeds, pistols are pretty common

the only thing is that magazines are almost disappeared but it should be caused by a bug, last day I found a military corpse site with many m4a1 but no magazines attached

also there is another bug about gun mods that cause issues

i’m not a fun of guns in this game, mostly because there isn’t much need for skills in order to use them, instead of martial arts and other combat styles, you can pewpew to zeds even at marksmanship 0. The real drawback of guns is their noise

and scarcity of ammo

PS: I don’t know how to hack the gun safes I find in houses and shops

A pickaxe is a good lockpick for gun safes


An electrohack you can make once you’re at a high enough electronics is the safest and fastest, mostly because it’s noiseless iirc.



but is there a silent approach?

edit: thx @MutaMan

You just need a gun which uses .223 or .308 ammo and a single turret will give you around 1500 ammo for it.

There is some interesting insight about the future of the game in the design document, it’s pretty cool

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My opinion on guns is the same as yours Dany, although I think that players should have a gun. It may act as a last resort. When sh*t hits the fan, my trusty sawn-off double barrel shotgun in holster usually saves my life

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I found a shotgunarm cbm and i can’t wait to find an autodoc to go gatsu style on hulks

so badass…

During a real pandemic. Guns/ammo are actually bought in droves. Every store that sold both in New England was almost completely tapped when the panic set in. So more guns/ammo in the hands on random zeds/households/cars would seem normal. While stores are as is, pretty empty. But it alsocomes down to whether or not the game just decided to play with numbers per instance of world building.

I did the same but with a 1911 I found early on in one game because by the time I had other guns I had used that to save myself multiple times with only 1 clip of ammo and no other bullets at all (I found it on a random zombie that was on a road that I decided to kill which turned out to be an amazing decision as I would have died to an owlbear if it wasn’t for that 1911, 4 shots from it took down the owlbear)

not surprised, considering its a .45

i’m playing on the latest experimental and while i’ve only found 1 gun store and 1 gun nut basement in my current area… i also found a survivor note which marked several gun stores in the town nearby

… of course thats a bigger town than the one i’m currently in and i’m still building my deathmobile, so i’ll probably wait off on going there… but i havent found it particularly difficult to find guns. if anything i find it difficult to find high end bows…
Edit: and i just realized how old this thread is~ oh well!

how big is the town that was marked. I’ve found huge towns before I doubt what you found is near the monstrosity of a town I found that was called Union It was 1 overmap long and 3/4 of a overmap in width I wasn’t on a ridiculous city size only 2 above normal It just spawned so large.