No Funs: Weapon Spawn Rebalance

Small and simple mod that disable the spawning of weapons and ammo on houses, reduces a lot the spawn rate of weapons and ammo on preppers and guns basements, and completely disables the spawning of gun shops and home defense stores.

So the only way to get weapons and ammo is to raid military related buildings, police buildings and to loot military related vehicles and zeds, as well as crates and heli crash and possibly other sources of weapons and ammo that I’m forgetting.

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But why? Right now estmated number of guns per 1000 residents in US is 1126… :slight_smile:

crafting weapons?

also yea zombie drops should still havem

It makes gameplay spicier and weapons more valuable, I quite like his idea actually. Not gonna use it yet though!

Totally, which is why there are so many guns in the base game despite the fact that a more typical game would make them far more rare so that they’re individually more valuable.
If you want a realistic reason though, just pretend it’s a “UK mod” :slight_smile:

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Think something like “the liberals won and restricted the selling of weapons to civilian in some paranoid fueled streak”.

The reason why I made is mainly because for my taste weapons are too common, specially if you play with large cities, making crafted weapons less important and raiding/looting military/police target only interesting for armor loot.

Or maybe because I’m in a no guns country and I enjoy the idea of a zombie apocalypse.

I totally get this mod: Think of it this way: There is a zombie apocalypse, what are the chances that you leave your weapons in your dresser? I would totally arm myself to the teeth, so the guns should definitely be on zombies and not in dressers.

the amount of guns that spawn is totally normal if you assume it’s southern US drop rates.

What would be cool is to have a mod that starts you months or years after the cataclysm. Many buildings or even whole cities in ruins, most of the guns and especially ammo already gone - looted. I know there are word setting / scenarios that make it possible to start later but they are not consistent. What changes is that most perishable food is rotten but most things are the same as in standard start.

Eh, pretty easy to simulate most of that with world gen settings

Eh, pretty easy to simulate most of that with world gen settings[/quote]
No it is not. That’s the problem.
You can start at later time (relative to the default) but the game doesn’t really simulate time passing outside the reality bubble that well so you mostly get changes like perishable food gone and zombies evolved.
However AFAIK:
the buildings are intact as if you started at day 1,
most non-food items are generated the same way as at day 1*,
cars are in the same conditions as at day 1,
in general - in most aspects the world looks like at day 1.
*With word gen settings you can lower item spawns to simulate stuff being looted since the apocalypse. The problem with that is that the setting works equally across the board afaik (exception are the drops from killed creatures) and you end with less items spawn in places that are tightly sealed and secured = not looted.
Word gen setting are nice for modifying starting conditions but you can’t really model a plausible later start with them.

You should replace all the American flags with UK flags then. And remove the knives too.

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I’d be more for it if guns felt less useless.

I almost misread this. The only thing about guns that disappointed me was being no longer able to craft 40mm acid grenades as they were the only craft-able ones that weren’t essentially a giant shotgun shell.

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