Ammo spawn tweaks in gun stores?

I’ve noticed that most gun stores have no ammunition in them, and if they do it’s a mix of the same few calibers (.308, 9mm, and .22 being the most noticeable offenders). In reality, you’d probably see a bit more variety and quantity in the ammo a store offers. The way to do this would probably be adding more, larger, and more diverse ammo spawns to replace weapons/military gear in gun stores. This would make sense in the locked “pristine” gun stores, as if someone has accessed them most of the weapons would already be missing as well. One way the easier access to loaded guns could be countered could be removing all ammo spawns from the “compromised” gun stores (the ones with zombies inside) and increasing lock difficulty on the pristine stores/replacing the steel bar windows with reinforced glass. This would ensure that unskilled survivors with lockpicks/hacksaws couldn’t get inside as easily. It would also help break up the monotony of using just 5.56/7.62 NATO/9mm/.50 cal heavily and really make some of the really fun guns like the S&W 500 useable without having to scrounge together hand loading gear.

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It’s been a long time since I played this game, so I wonder if the currently stable version (O-F-3) is still possible to access gun stores by ramming cars on them, because it was not too hard to find a functional enough car to dispose of on a store wall. That said, I don’t see a reason why an inexperienced character wouldn’t have access to guns early on. But, of course, that’s not the point of this discussion.

I’m open to any improvements to the ranged weapons mechanics, so I guess that’s a good suggestion.

Reason why gun stores is so low on ammo is cataclysm does not happen instantly. Folks just bought most of stores stock while riots escalate.

I’d that was the case, then people would also be buying out the guns, as those who have none would want to be able to defend themselves and people who already have them would want backups/ guns for different purposes. Also, if all the ammo was bought up, why aren’t there empty shelves to represent the ammo section?
Most gun stores are also in the inner areas of towns, so when the riots reached a concerning point the owners probably locked them down to prevent rioters getting access to firearms before people even became concerned enough to start panic buying ammo.

Most if not all gun stores that deal solely with that stuff keep weapons and ammo separate…Like weapons out front and ammo out back set up, last thing a gun store owner wants is both the guns and ammo out the front especially during riots!

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I think that there are plans to have the guns spawned in the store result in matching ammo to some degree. It’s unusual to sell an AK, with no 7.62X39.

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