Ammo scarcity

Okay, I just raided no less than 3 guns shops. Between them, they probably have over 100 guns from all makes. Yet they only contianed 25 çmm rounds between the three of them (And no 9mm weapons… Sigh).

It’s not only gun shops: whenever I find dead soldiers, they’re likely to have 5-6 guns and no ammo for them. So is this ammo scarcity intended? It really prevent guns from being a viable combat choice.

Please know that this is entirely horrible luck on your part.

Gun shops can have a few variations:

  1. No ammo at all
  2. Three types of ammo
  3. Bajillions of ammo on each shelf

As well as variations on their respective gun shelves, from what I can tell.

Oh, that’s nice to know. Well, no more gun shops in this town, I’ll need to go to the next.