Did gunstores get severely nerfed?

Before I go on, a question leading up to the other one - does item spawn rate also affect what items spawn?

I moved from 5.0 spawn rate to 1-2 spawn rate in my quest to get more skilled at the game and now, it seems that gun stores only spawn 9mm, shotgun ammo, and other low-level things like that.

I WILL say that the 5 spawn rate was pre-Magazine-update and 1-2 was AFTER, so if that had anything to do with it please tell.

Bunkers only have 30-06 (or whatever it was), 7.62 NATO, 5.56 NATO and that weird 4x-something ammo, but I remember then having loads of other things. Did I accidentally mess with a new/sneaky option, is my memory betraying me, or were ammo/gun spawns nerfed?

I also remember regularly finding revolvers, Rivtech and otherwise, 80x40mm ammo everywhere, etc, etc. Now I’m lucky if I find a loaded gun on some random body with the rare ammo type I want.

It’s funny, because 50 BMG is much more common than even just .308, given that they spawn in tanks in high amounts.

Wow, that’s a lotta incoherent rambling. To summarize - were ammo spawns nerfed or does item spawn rate also affect item spawn quality?

at 1 spawn rate i still find a lot of guns, you do not see a lot of them in one place and its rare to find both gun and ammo for it but possible

and some thing are rare so when there is less stuff there is less chance to spawn it too

just like inaccurate gun what is slow firing and even more inaccurate gun what is fast firing
faster firing will score more hits because it fires more rounds so there is higher chance to hit something

It seems like the game is just repeating the same few guns, though, and the same few ammo types. There is 0 diversity as far as I can tell, not even the odd rare gun.

EDIT: Checked a laboratory armory. Just the same repeats of the same ammos and the same guns.

I think that the developers have introduced more locations for which guns to spawn at, and have been able to more rarer/more powerful guns to locations that they deem to be more appropriate.

I have found an elephant gun in either a safe or an electronic safe in a basement. I have found RM11 Battle and Scout Rifles in military bunkers that use the powerful 8x40mm caseless ammo (or whatever they’re called). I have found .308 machine guns and SCAR-H in military bunkers in addition to .223 guns and ammo (which I am currently using and loving). I have found flechette shells, .223 ammo and guns, and magazines in science lab armories. I don’t remember what I have found locked in survivor houses (the boarded up windows, shot gun traps, land mines, lots of nonperishable goods, guns, and ammo) but sometimes I do find something a little more special.

To me, it seems like what is available at most guns stores is what would be available to the general public. I like gun stores, simply because shotguns are always powerful weapons. For me, some of the best loot that I have found are inside basements of houses. That is where I found the elephant gun. The safes inside the basements contain rarer weapons like AK74Ms, Elephant guns, and Ruger Redhawk.

For me, I go to gun stores for weapon mods and ammo. I think, if there is a chance that a firearm will spawn there, raising the spawn rate will help make it happen, but for rarer, more favorable guns, I believe that they might just spawn in other locations that you’ll have to discover. A way of looking at it might be, if there was a SCAR-L, Ruger Redhawk, or other special gun, it would have been taken by someone else when the Cataclysm happened.

Unless it has changed recently, spider basements have a chance to spawn essentially EVERYTHING. Portal generator, teleporter, power armor and helmets of all kinds, rare mutagen recipes, rare gun mods (only place I’ve EVER found a sniper conversion kit, for instance), you name it, it could be there. Not common, mind you, but possible. For a while, it was the only place that portal generators had to spawn, actually.

yes, spider basements are best place to look for some exotic loot like power armor

I’ve got power armor, self-replenishing 50 BMG, 30-06 for days, 308, a railgun, an ATGM turret, I’ve got it all.

But damn, finding some 80x40mm is like finding the holy grail. I didn’t find any in:

Spider basements
Military Bunkers
Laboratory armories
Military Outposts
Evidence lockers
Dead army body spawns
Gun Stores
Survivor basements
LMOE shelters

I think the only way I got some was by getting a fully loaded RM51 drop on a zombie soldier. Which is a very silly way of doing things.

Gun stores were definitely nerfed. The main type doesn’t even have a gun mod spawn anymore. Why?

EDIT: I messed with the files a bit. It seems that old gunstores had a generic “ammo” group, and now since that group has been divided up it only has common civilian pistol/rifle/shotgun ammo. That’s understandable - but how come every non-civilian or non-NATO ammo type is so incredibly hidden? I’m not saying they should be EASY to find, but if the only place you can find .500 or .300 is some random spider-infested basement in a civilian (!) home and that’s after it competed with every other item in the game, then something’s off, no?