Find on Construction menu

I’ve just realized that the Find option on the Construction menu doesn’t work in spanish. I mean, I can’t use spanish words to find something, I have to use the english word.
Although the find option on Crafting menu works perfect in spanish.

Is it general things? Like bed wall things every language has? Or is it advanced things like cars and a few other ones which would translate cleanly (older languages often don’t have things like automation and a few other newer words so they are a conglomeration of words like farmer in Latin it’s an amalgamation of land and tender). It would help knowing what works and what doesn’t also is it translated at all?

Yes, it’s with everything. I was looking for “anillo” or “pozo” and doesn’t show me any results. So I’ve looked “ring” and “pit” and there they are… it shows the result in spanish but I had to look for it in english.
They are translated, I’m doing the argentinian translation.

Just for clarification is “anillo” ring and “pozo” pit? I know only a bit of Latin and a smattering of a few other languages. I suck at understanding language I even have a hard time with English half the time least when speaking with people without planning what I am about to say a few minutes ahead of time.

Yes, anillo is ring, and pozo is pit
When I was looking for “anillo de fuego” wich is “fire ring” I’ve realized that find option wasn’t working properly.