Some first aid info 101 (bad)

if you’re here to see how to treat that infection that is making you starve and reducing your speed to 40 whit blackouts and are dyng horrobly: this is for you! so first things first:

deep wound - a deep wound comes from zombie bites, i have no idea if a broken window can cause it, but so far it hasen’t, the deep wound can become infected, so its good idea to disinfect it by useing disinfect(can craft too) (i think saline solution is a disinfect too but i have no idea), you can also use a hotplate or something that produces controlled heat to culturise the wound, but it might become infected

infected wound - my worst enemy, this guy will stand there and not let you eat or drink, will make you slow and the only way to cure it is in antibiotics, theyre in medical pleaces and on rare occasions : mansions and houses, if you won’t cure it your broblaby dead

broken limbs or legs/0 condisions left in the health thing - you have broken your limbs, broken torso or head mean death, but to repair your arm or legs, you need splints! you can craft them if you have first aid?
(i have no idea) you can also recover whitout it but its extremly painful and long, i mean imagine surviving a zombie apocalypse whit a natrually healing arm… this is it, if this topic sucks then you can critisize me in the comments or make a topic same but thats not just assuming stuff… this is meant for the very basic of aid

First aid kits can cure infection at any stage (improvized first aid kits seem to have a mediocre success rate even at the first stage though, in my experience).

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A great list. I’m not 100% certain about this, but did you leave out thyme oil? I crafted it to treat an bite/infection but I never actually used it. The item description seems to indicate it can be used though.

Edit: I checked in debug mode and thyme oil works for blue deep bite wounds, but not anything higher like an infection. It’s probably the weakest version of the disinfectants except cauterization.

Yeah, I forgot Thyme Oil existed. Good catch.

Actually it’s pretty much the same as disinfectant or antiseptic powder. 95% chance to heal a bite, 100 moves to use. Where it’s worse is the cost in time and supplies to make it. Especially time, you can crank out a ton of disinfectant or antiseptic powder in the hour it takes you to make one thyme oil.
(First aid kits have a 99% chance to heal a bite, but take 6000 moves to use)

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Can someone verify that improvised kits can cure infection? I thought they couldn’t.

You’re right, improvised first aid kits do not have a “chance to cure infection” stat at all. Which is kinda funny since you can make them with thyme oil, which is pretty good at it.