All about infections and broken limbs

It’s worth noting that the infection from the deep bites isn’t zombie juice. It’s just a normal bacteria-ridden hole in your skin. The zeds can bite you, and it can get infected, but it’s just a normal infection, not the T-Virus.

Deep bites (the blue) turn into regular infections (the green), and kill you after ~24 hours untreated. As far as I know, the “deep bite” debuff is a direct result of the “bite” attack, which is an ability used by most wildlife big enough to pose a threat at any stage of the game, zombified or not, in addition to the zeds. Bears, wolves, giant ants, maybe cougars, pretty much anything that can bite you will have a chance of giving you a deep bite, so things like cutting yourself on broken windows, walking over metal wreckage, and attacking with a wielded glass shard probably won’t give you a deep bite, but will probably carry a myriad of diseases of their own.

I’ve heard you can get tetanus, but I’ve never seen it, myself.

As for dealing with one, your options are almost as extensive as those by which you can acquire one.

  • Naturally
    There is a small chance periodically that either a deep bite or infection will heal on its own. When it does, your message log will read “Your %body part% begins to feel better”, or something to that effect. This is absolutely not worth staking a character’s life on, since the odds are abysmal, but it’s a pleasant surprise when it happens. High health (character health, not HP) will help your odds a bit, as will having the Infection Resistant trait. You can also mutate “Infection Immune” to make a character completely impervious to infection, unless that has changed.

  • Cauterization
    Deep bites, bleeding, and maybe other injuries can be cauterized to have a chance of healing them. This can be done using almost anything that heats: a hotplate, a soldering iron, a knife, if near a fire, by activating the item in question. It cannot be used on infections; only on deep bites. It causes pain, does a bit of damage to the area that is cauterized, and has a decent chance of inducing an infection, instead of curing a deep bite, so it’s best not to, unless you literally have no other option. Unrelated, but a character with the “Masochist” trait can cauterize themself “for fun”.

  • Disinfectant
    This is one of the most common methods of dealing with deep bites, right alongside dilute hydrogen peroxide. Disinfectant can be found in houses, usually in bathrooms, and has a very high chance of curing a deep bite, but can do nothing for infections.

  • Disinfectant Powder
    This does the same thing as disinfectant, but tends to be more rare. I’ve seen it in Military Surplus Stores, and not many other places.

  • Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide
    Right alongside Disinfectant in terms of commonness, and in the same places, Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide tends to have slightly worse odds than Disinfectant of curing deep bites, but the difference is negligible. Disinfectant occurs naturally in bottles of four charges, where Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide has three. In the game it’s just called “Hydrogen Peroxide”, I believe. I only call it “Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide” here to contrast it with the concentrated variant found in laboratories.

  • Improvised First-Aid Kit
    These can be made from the beginning of the game from things that can be found laying around somewhat commonly. The most difficult thing to find would be the alcohol, since it cannot be just any alcohol. It must be Moonshine, Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Tequila, Gin, Single-Malt Whiskey, Brandy, or Strong Mixed Alcohol. Basically, any alcohol has that a standard stack of 21 charges can probably be used.
    These can restore a bit of HP, cure bleeding, and clean deep bites, unless that has changed since I last used one. Their odds of curing deep bites aren’t spectacular, but they are craftable from Day 1, with almost nothing. Using one of these takes a pretty long while, so you should be somewhere secure when you do, or something may undo all your hard work.

  • Antibiotics
    Antibiotics are consumables usually found in stacks of 15. Just one of them can cure an infection instantly, though you may still deal with a “Recovering from Infection” debuff for a while afterward. These can usually be found in hospitals, sometimes in Doctor’s Offices, Pharmacies, or Veterinarian’s Offices, and uncommonly in the backs Ambulances, next to where the stretchers are.

  • First-Aid Kit
    The traditional means of dealing with an infection, aside from “lay down and die”, that is. First-Aid Kits are a really good thing to have around, and can show up in a few places, occurring in stacks of two. I’ve seen more from Ambulances than anywhere else, but that’s just me. They can cure deep bites, infections, bleeding, and restore a good bit of HP, especially at higher levels of First-Aid skill. Bear in mind though, that using one takes time, so you must be somewhere secure, or you’ll probably get attacked in the middle of healing. Like Antibiotics, you may end up with a “Recovering from Infection” debuff for a while after using the First-Aid Kit to heal an infection.

  • Royal Jelly
    The Holy Grail of healing ability, the Royal Jelly can cure just about anything, except being on fire. Found quite rarely in basements, allegedly, and likely possible to find in Giant Beehives these occur in stacks of one, and can be made once you have sufficient cooking, and the book with the recipe (found in Labs, last I checked).

Breaks are much more simple. A limb that isn’t the Head or Torso runs out of HP, and it’s broken. You can still do things with broken limbs, and even fight with all four broken, but you will be hampered by the breaks.

There are two ways to heal a broken limb right now. The most common is by placing them in splints and not getting further injured until they are mended. It may be possible to mend them without the splints, but the splints help, and only require rags, string, and sticks or two-by-fours, along with two Survival and one First-Aid, so there is little reason not to use them, unless you simply cannot get First-Aid to one. The rate of mending is dependent on your health stat (again, not HP), and you can get a pretty rough estimate of the progress in the character menu (the “@” key). Avoid fights whilst a limb is mending, since taking damage on a broken limb resets the progress. A splint can be worn on either the left, or right side, and will have no effect if it is not covering a broken limb. For example, if a character’s right arm breaks, the splint must be placed on the right arm, not the left, or it will not heal. You can see which limb a splint is placed on in the inventory, under “Items Worn”. The splint will have, in parentheses after it, the side it’s worn on, e.g.: arm splint (left). By going to the worn splint, pressing enter, the pressing “c”, you can change the side it’s worn on.

The other option for healing broken limbs, unless it was changed since I last saw it, is to use a Mr.
Stem Cell machine, found in hospitals. You must have somewhat high computer skill to access it, and when you do you will have to select a Stem Cell Treatment. The treatment appears as a status effect in the character menu, and you can begin walking away as soon as the dialogue box with the machine closes; it will continue to heal you limbs. Bear in mind that, unless it was changed, the Mr. Stem Cell machine has a one-in-six chance of damaging all of your body parts instead of healing them, though.


yay for newbie info :smiley: i needed this cauae i suck(?) at the game whit: encumbrance (armor is encumbrances me but it gives me protection, witch to i choose?) meds or survival in the wild… also guns, becose no matter if i debug myself to 99 dex and 30 guns, my accuracy is as good as if i was blind

Missing an entry for thyme oil.

I’ve actually managed to find antibiotics in the bathrooms of a house. The odds might be really low, but it’s an option.
I ran into this amazing luck on my first attempt on my “really bad day” challenge character.

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First aid kits no longer cure infections as of:

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