Treating infection

I have a first aid and want to treat my infection but as far as I can tell I there is no way to figure out where the bite is to treat the right area, any help on how to figure out which part has the infection would be appreciated.

nvm figured it out that would be the clean wound option

If you’ve already got an Infection, as opposed to a Deep Wound (which can, indeed, be cleaned), you’ll need Antibiotics to cure it. Preferably soon: Deep Wound -> Dead From Infection is about 36 in-game hours.

You can find Antibiotics: commonly in Pharmacies, almost certainly in the locked rooms of Doctors’ Offices, and rarely in House/Mansion bathrooms.

You can also use a blade weapon to cauterize the wound.

If you’ve got a heat source (lighter/matchbook/hotplate), yeah, that’ll stop it at Deep Wound. Will it cure an actual Infection? I’d understood Infection was Antibiotics–maybe Royal Jelly, since that’s supposed to fix everything–or Die.

Hell, even the medical bionics (nanos/filter) couldn’t fix it.

I don’t know, but I’ve been bitten before and cauterizing it helped every time.

Then again, WHO gave you the information to do that? :3
By the way, cauterizing only stops disease when the bite wound is fresh.

Cut the infected limb off :stuck_out_tongue:
"Its only a flesh wound" for those who knows the reference lol ;).

best option is cauterizing the wound when you get bitten, usually you get a message like : “Your bite wound really hurts!” or something like that, means you better hurry get it fixed. Else, get antibiotics if you cant make it in time

Yeah i was out on a long range raid and got bitten pretty badly, when i finally got back i had started to get messages that pretty much said “hurry up or die!” but i just took some antibiotics and it got better almost immediately. :slight_smile: