Faction Camps Vs Non Faction Camp Bases

First time using the faction camps system, so far it seems pretty cool. Its fun scouting out a spot to set up a camp - currently I found an evac shelter near a river / forest which is a nice spot to set up a camp.
I still really like my LMOE shelter though. I have the evac shelter as a place to pretty much just collect NPCs and drop off loot from nearby cities to develop it, but I keep using my LMOE since its just so good / already has all of my weapons / crafting materials stored inside.

I was curious if people who are using the faction camp system prefer using the official field camps / evac shelters / fire stations to set up as a main base, or still prefer to use other non-faction camp locations such as LMOE’s, Rural houses / farms, Cabins or other spots to function as a base. Is there currently a big incentive to set up an official base vs a non-official one?

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“Official” basecamp currently has some benefits, it has set upgrade paths that means you dont gotta build it all yourself, or designate the constructions for your NPCs.

Also , you can send NPCs off to do missions they wouldnt normally be able to do without the camp - like foraging, recruiting and logging.

Also it can add crafting and farming stuff once youve upgraded that make it easier to do big batches of things with all your NPCs.

Also you can assign NPCs to the camp to do repeating jobs there.

The lines between a rigid basecamp structure and freeform camps will be blurred eventually though,

I have PRs pending for NPC crafting, and NPC offscreen missions where they actually travel there and do the work instead of them dissappearing and the game abstracting their mission.

And add this to other future plans - and eventually A basecamp will be anytihng you want it to be, and anywhere you want it to be, and the old upgrade paths and missions will just be a useful timesaver to administer from your bulletin board.


I almost always go for the evac shelter camp, mostly because they’re common enough to be reliable (unlike fire stations) while still being well defended. The biggest incentive is really just to allow the npcs to have easy access to your materials for building and expanding.

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I do not like the idea of using LMOE shelter due to my sad experience. Although it is a great shelter that provides with water, wood stove, clothes, food, and many interesting items, it also acts as a trap. We do not know what is going on outside. I have lost one of my best characters because I was ambushed when I left my LMOE shelter. ALWAYS check your surroundings before you decide to use LMOE shelter as your long-term base and be prepare to being ambushed outside the shelter.

Faction camp system is a lovely feature. I would recommend that players, who plan to choose a static playstyle, use faction camps. If it comes to me, I like a nomadic playstyle. In my opinion, having your camp on your back is much more flexible and safer


I’ll be honest when I say I got into cdda in the last 2 months or so but from what I’ve seen of the faction Camp system is it be nice to have full control over where the AI deploys their “upgrades” similar to just allowing us to use the grid system for storing loot. Like I want the well to be here or I want the farm plots to go here, here, and here.

Other than simply giving a late-game resource sink I don’t see the point in it other than finally giving the AI some purpose (aside from fighting) that you could have just used a regular base (you constructed yourself in a quarter of the time with vehicle supported power) with proper zoning or heaven forbid a fully decked-out vehicle.

But maybe I’m just filled with hot air and I don’t know what I’m talkin about.

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The faction camp system is inadequate, I agree. I’m working on making it better but there’s a lot to do. People are welcome to contribute but since dpwb left, there hasn’t been a lot of collaborative work there.


No problem, it’s a good system to start with and I can’t wait to see where it ends up. Hopefully there will be more freedom/ it would be more zone-based in the future