Fallout mod [WIP]

Mod, inspired by Fallout series. It is Work In Progress and not playtested. 

[url=http://www.mediafire.com/download/qzt194qsb6dhe43/Fallout.7z]Just download it and unpack in mods folder.[/url]


4 new weapon
10mm jhp
2 professions
7 pieces of clothing
several old magazines
old industrial vacuum cleaner
pump substation with new vault, based on mod for New Vegas (preview)
pump substation without vault


vault is rare, so sometimes it won’t spawn you right
sometimes vault can be overwritten by another structures
vault is going to the bottom level, so I probably won’t be able to expand it (what is done is actually 1/4 of the vault)
there is not much items inside the vault

A few glitches I found: Examining anything related to the building that houses a vault or anything in the vault would crash the game, the new 10mm bullets will spawn .40mm casings.

Lorknis, which version did you test this with? There’s a few crash bugs in build 2016…

Yeah. 2023 should have them well sorted, plus armor and penetration should work properly.

Ah, so my build was fucked then, makes more sense. I tested this with build 2020.


Hey, a positive (total-conversion?) mod rather than umpteen IDONTLIKEIT exclusionary ones?

KA101 is pleased.

That vault is looking pretty sweet too, looking forward to seeing more of this :slight_smile: