A Fallout mod idea, so... Are there any tutorials? Help at all for a mod?

I had an amazing idea. Basically, a Fallout mod for the game; items from throughout the series, from the humble Colt 6250 (Better known as the classic 10mm Pistol) to the all-powerful Vindicator minigun. Also books. There are toooons of books available throughout the Fallout series, and there are even plent of special unarmed and melee attacks that could be cool to impliment into martial arts styles. Enemies too… Buildings of course… Ahem… Point is… Any tutorials out there? or general tips for a want-to-be modder?

Also, does this go here, or the Lab? It feels like it could go to either place, given im both throwing out my idea and requesting help. This is probably gonna be like… my fourth or so mod attempt, as im gonna start with minor mods as practice, as is intelligent.

Thanks in advance for any assistance, and if this is in the wrong category, maybe an administrator could move it? I dont know.

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Read category “doc” in game directory file. It helps much. I suggest to get Notepad++, without, trying to read JSON file in normal text editor is useless.

Thank you very much.

new question to whoevers reading, I can and should make new files for my creations, right?

Yes, unless you want spending ten hours finding error in main game files, or having to down load new game build because of breaking game. Also makes shareable mods, to package it in own labeled folder for easy install to “mod” directory. Actually check “mod” directory in game files to see what kinds of structure there. It really helped me much, to just open game file directory and look at different things.

thank you. This isnt too different from DF modding, now that i look into it.

Okay, what does a “missing separator” mean? https://gyazo.com/d219ce99b553f1c012452472ec3dd5ca for context on the error. (I hope gyazo isnt forbidden)

Edit: I fixed it. Quotation marks, lol