Faction tab blank

Playing a faction run, and the Faction tab (far right tab when pressing faction key) is blank. I’ve done a couple of quests for doods in Center, can see my followers/camps tabs, but npc factions blank. Possible bug? Possible glitch on my end? Or is it blank because its irrelevant at the moment until more faction/npc work can be done?

I’m running whatever the latest experimental update posted 3/30

At the momment there is no factions to speak off

Yeah the factions are mostly old old code that does nothing and displays nonsensical stuff that is not implemented yet.
But there is going to be work on factions soon™ that will make them actually make sense.
For now, the faction tab is empty, which is better than the old faction menu which listed lots of information about factions that didnt really exist yet and just acted to confuse the player.

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Gotcha, thanks. Wasn’t sure if i had lost my mind or not