Game claims I have no faction camps

I’ve recently gotten back into CDDA (specifically playing on the experimental branch), and have been enjoying the various new features added. However, I’ve been running into a bizarre issue when trying to create a faction camp - the game claims that I have no camps on the faction menu even after founding one, making me unable to actually interact with them through that specific screen. There also seem to be a number of other strange issues associated with faction camps as well - for example, I tried disband the camp and refound it on the same spot, to see if that would let the camp be listed. When I did so, not only did the game act as if there was still a camp at the location when I tried to refound the camp, but attempting to access the disbanded camp’s bulletin board gave me the prompt to name the settlement again - after inputting a name, the game crashed. I reloaded the game to after disbanding the camp and checked the map; it was still listed the maptile as a survivor camp, although it didn’t display a name w/ city labels on. I went into the debug menu, changed the map tile ID back to the same variation of evac shelter it was before I created a camp at all. and I tried to create a camp again at that point. The game no longer crashed, although the camp was still unlisted on faction menu.

I experimented with a few other possibilities to see if faction camps could be founded and properly listed at all - On the same save as before, I took a follower a little ways out to an abandoned field and created a dummy field camp with a different name. Neither camp showed up still, even after I reloaded the save. I also started an entirely new game and tried to make a camp at the initial shelter with the starting NPC. The game still claimed I had no faction camps to speak of after I did so.

I should note that otherwise, the faction camp still seems mostly functional. I can assign people to work at the camp without issue, and when I create missions for followers, they resolve properly. It’s also still possible to distribute food to everyone, although without the camp being listed on the faction menu, it’s a lot harder to keep track of the food situation.

Here’s a link to the save where I immediately created a camp with the starting follower. Checking the faction menu should return “You have no camps” on the Your Faction tab, despite the presence of a functional bulletin board at the camp. I think I detailed what I did afterwards sufficiently enough that anyone could repeat them. I also included a link for the crash log for the original save, when I initially attempted to access the bulletin board to the camp that I had disbanded via NPC dialog.

I do hope this can be easily sorted out. If you have any questions about the save or my game in particular, feel free to ask.

Same issue, first time using faction camps so I didn’t immediately recognize this as a bug.