How to find factions

ok so background i am playing the most recent version but not experimental to my knowledge and i have never found any factions and help on that?

Have you got Static NPCs enabled? If not, they won’t show up.
If you do, check the computer in one of the starting evac shelters.

oh i dont i thought that was a stops npcs from randomly roaming (witch also has not happen much)

You’re using the Cooper build? Are the factions really even part of that? That’s almost four years out of date by now you’re robbing yourself of tons of game play. Also static NPCs only refers to the NPC that would spawn with you at the start of the game iirc but possibly the refugee center too, random NPCs settings control the, well random NPCs. Don’t be put off by the name “experimental” they are very stable and the experimental aspect is more towards seeing what features work and not bug finding.

im more talking i dont have Zmode on i use a launcher and the game its updated is up to date also mods i use a number and don’t want to lose them. Edit i Use CDDA Game Launcher
version says 0.C32623-gf56654c

Factions don’t normally appear in the way I personally think they should. Ala; Tribes(not the game).

Factions are as far as I can tell, not a specific kind of group. Such as Walking Dead. Each “group” is like a tribe and we don’t seem to have this in our game. NPCs have a listing of factions that each NPC seems to be apart of. But makes no sense to me at all…perhaps because it really makes no sense at all? xD

Every NPC should be autonomous and be given an open space in their character background. This would make it a unaffiliated NPC by default and any grouping of NPCs should have a unique group/tribe moniker added to them to affiliate them to a specific group/tribe.

Joe Shmoe NPC
Tribe:blank by default as no group; name given to associate with a tribe/group/faction (this line would be hidden unless told to player).

Oh! Well in that case, Z mode isn’t really a huge game changer at the moment but if you use the launcher your save will be transferred over to the new version with no problem, no mods will be lost or at least shouldn’t. Anyways yeah factions aren’t really a thing, just the refugee center, random gen survivors, and your followers if you decide to build up your own base and community.

how do i get followers any way

Befriend an NPC, ask him to travel with you.

If you find a survivor out in the wild and they don’t shoot you on site, try talking to them. If RNG is nice to you you can get them to join up with you.

(Dang wrote it faster)

ah cool might do that later in my new save had a npc in the evac center i spawned in (i found a underground shelter a good miles down near a forest so i moved there to be near the woods lot of open space.)