Faction base expansion issue

Hello…btw i just build faction base, then i want to build blacksmith expansion, i send companion to survey for 3 hours and when survey complete there is no blacksmith…just tile named backsmith survey…did i missed some step? Or i need to do something? But what? Thank you (sorry for my bad english)

Survey is just a prepareatory phase. IRL it’s important for major construction projects. There should be a step after the survey where you can give them a ton of materials to start building with. It will take much longer than three hours.

Yeah blacksmith is probably the longest one to build. You can check me out doing it with debug in this video.

had to figure this out too
go to the camp director guy and tab over to the direction(NW,S,E,etc.) of the blacksmith
also blacksmith has like fifteen upgrades so expect to sink a lot into it

It just need to TAB it? Damn xD…btw when i press set up relay mission it say “too many companion working on this mission” why is that? And i send companion into woods for cutting logs when comeback he didnt bring anything?or automatically stored?biy where? Sorry im newbie to much ask xD

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You can only have 1 companion on certain missions at a time. I’m not 100% sure why acidia did that but I haven’t started experimenting with changing that.

When you recover the log cutter, there should be a huge stack of logs appearing immediately under your character’s feet. If that didn’t happen, that’s a bug.