Prompt Annoyences

Getting constantly spammed with warnings and prompts when say, trying to use a cross-bow, or attempting to work on something with some zombies making noise in some nearby location, the " ignore " option of the prompts is functionally useless.

Zombie spotted! Ignore
Zombie close! Ignore
Zombie hit you! Ignore
Reload with enemy nearby? Ignore

This is a horrible feel and flow of the gameplay, there should atleast be an option in the options menu to TURN OFF these annoyances for players that want to play according to a true feel of the time units needed to commit to actions rather than wearing my cartilage out reaching for the I key every several seconds when going through a city.

I would propose a 4th option for these prompts "D"isable prompts and give the disable function a timeout similar to how safe mode turns itself back on.


I’d hate to disable prompts when spotting a zombie from far away, only to have a new one round the corner jump out and rip my brain apart while I’m aiming at the other one down the street. The ignore command is only for specific threats during an action, not an end-all-prompts thing. Just mash I.