Extend NPCs corpse-pulping abilities


so, what I have in mind is pretty much in the title. I have no idea how difficult this is to implement, but since it’s about NPCs it’s probably more difficult than expected.

  1. When NPCs see a (zombie)corpse they should attempt to smash it.
    1.1 Exception: The area is not safe; there are other monsters around
    1.2 Exception: The player (of whom they are a follower) explicitly told them to leave the corpses alone.

This can improve on NPCs as their attacks on towns become less futile and the player doesn’t have to chase them in order to butcher or smash all the corpses they leave behind.

So, tell me if you think that’s a good idea and whether it is rather hard or easy to do.

It’s easy to do, but hard to do ‘right’.

  1. Not all NPCs should automatically know to or be willing to smash corpses.
  2. It’s pretty hard to make them smash things at an appropriate level of priority. If you get this wrong they either do dumb things like smashing corpses while being attacked, or they simply ignore the corpses if there is anything else to do, so they end up not smashing anything.

The third point opens up a whole other can of worms related to whether they’re willing to follow your orders, tracking the order, etc.

Hm, okay, that doesn’t sound very encouraging.

Perhaps this feature has to wait a little, even I can see that it is nowhere near high priority.