Player-made NPC Graves

One thing I’ve encountered people trying to do in multiple LPs, and attempted to do myself with little success, is some means of respectfully burying fallen NPC companions. While it has little purpose outside of RP, several times when NPCs who have been alongside my character for an entire game have fallen, often after saving my character’s life, it feels a little out of character to just leave them or butcher them, and cremating doesn’t seem to be particularly possible either.

I’ve seen people in LPs digging shallow/deep pits, moving the body inside, then trying to fill them in again only to have the body stay on the surface.

So, some method of burying or otherwise respectfully interning corpses, preferably with some kind of memorial message, would be very appreciated for those of us who like to roleplay our characters according to their imagined personalities.

I’m not a dev, but as far as I know there is a plan in progress to make corpses distinct items for use in crafting/construction. So once thats in place and JSON’d it wouldn’t be hard to make “grave” a construction item requiring a corpse a shallow pit and a tool with 1 digging.

Yes, i miss the bury-our-fallen-NPCs feature too. Netzenk idea could be work… i hope! :smiley: Anyway you can make a sign as a “headstone” with the construction menu and you can write on it with spray can i think.

Also there are cemetery in the game so the objects are in the game, hopefully a dev will implement them as constructable items.

Thats a really good idea.
It could help/hurt moral if you bury or not too.
Leaving them there to rot always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

actualy you can cremate in boiling lava

personaly i used lockers or crates as a sarcophagus, better than leaving them just lying on the floor

well, actualy crates are furniture what can hide items, creating a grave should not be that hard, you dig a open grave what is basicaly a pit what works like open crate and then you reseal it by filling it with dirt and then you can even construct decorative tombstone or something on it

it even would make graveyards even nice place for robbery, maybe someone took nice jeverly with him to afterworld what you could sell to someone if you are okay with disturbing thier rest

You could always construct a mausoleum.

I’ve been away from CDDA for a while, just got back and saw that this had been implemented by DangerNoodle. Just wanted to say thanks here, seeing as he apparently doesn’t have a forum account that I can find, and github doesn’t have a PM system.

I know I’m replying to an old post, but could you hook me up with that, you think? I have somebody to bury.

The green circle is her daughter’s grave.

Burnt down a bee hive, tried to dissect Apis. Was asked if I wanted to desecrate a human corpse, I declined. Received this message:

Yeah, that was what I settled for, in the end. Just a coffin out in the open.