[Experimental] Encumbrance

So I made a fancy-dancy light survivor suit, which when fitting, says it gives 0 to encumberment, but there’s a +1 on the parts it covers. It also seems that the other articles of clothing that give a negative to encumbrance no longer do that. It feels like it would be a balance (4 compression shirts for either the -2 or -4, whatever it was) or something to just make it more realistic. It’s a change that makes sense, although I also feel that you should be able to get a -1 to encumberment for being naked or wearing clothes that mimic it. Nothing ridiculous, and slighter benefits than before.

But this isn’t the suggestion board, about the survivor suit, is the encumbrance I’m getting intended or what? It’s just bugging me.

Might be a layering problem? What’s the exact encumbrance readout?

Wearing just the suit, even when fitting, provides 1 encumbrance. Looks like “Torso: (1) 1+0= 1 (40)” and just replace “Torso” with “Arms” and “Legs” for the others.

However, looking at it, it comes with an inherent 2 to encumbrance, and I’ve noticed that making items fit usually only brings it down by 1. So it might just be a typo, and it should say 1?

Ah, found the problem in the display code. Thanks for finding this.

It seems it wasn’t just with the survivor suit. I was about to report this bug after getting feet encumbrance from socks and (fit) footgear.

Yeah the problem was that the game was taking a minimum instead of a maximum, meaning that anything fitted was probably displaying the wrong encumbrance (unless it was going from 1 to zero already).

Just tried the latest version and the problems is still there with socks and boots.

The fix was literally merged 6 hours ago, so unless you have updated in that period the bug wouldn’t be fixed.

My mistake then. Thank you.