Experimental Build Question

Hello all.
First the obligatory praise. This game is awesome. I wish I had found earlier. Everyone who is working on it is amazing.
Anyway, I’ve been playing the game for a while now on a stable build, but last night I decided to try an experimental build to see some of the new features being tested. So I started up a game and found that, unlike the stable build, if I left click on a tile a red path showing what route my character would walk did not show up. I could still double click and my character would move there, but instead of showing my character moving to the spot he would just move to the spot instantly.

I tend to use mouse move quite a bit so I liked being shown the path my character moved in as well as seeing him move along said path because it also showed other things moving as I did, like animals and the like. So was this disabled in the experimental build? If it was can I re-enable it somehow?

Thanks in advanced.

This is a bug that was introduced when we switched to sdl2, we lost some of the animation in the new implementation. Thought we got them all, but evidently missed this one. I hope it’s that simple anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
Will fix before release.

Awesome. Thank you very much for the prompt reply. :slight_smile: