Some graphical issues in experimental

Windows 8

I thought I’d try out an experimental version, and noticed a couple of issues right away. (Using a tileset - RetroDays specifically - in both cases.)

The first is easy to describe: effects showing when a character is attacked/hit aren’t showing up, and neither are projectile effects. I saw an NPC use an Uzi to spray down a zombie, only… I didn’t see it, if you know what I mean.

The second issue is more difficult to describe. In fullscreen mode, I get a lot of graphical artefacts when cycling through any kind of menu (main menu, inventory, crafting, etc). It looks like random parts of the screen are showing something I was looking at a few seconds ago, rather than what they should be showing at any given moment. Bits of the environment, bits of previous menu screens, bits of the map, etc.

Edit: Seems like rain animations aren’t working either.

I think these are connected to the move to SDL2.

Ah, okay.

Another random thing I noticed: the ‘robot finds kitten’ animation isn’t playing; it just pauses for several seconds at the end. 8(