Latest experimental

The widows Sdl latest experimental is broken, as in you start the game and only a black screen will pop out.
The debug shows this:

Parse error in gfx/tile_config.json

Error: syntax error at line 1 near:

The curse version seems to work well however

i can’t play the latest nightly build too

It should be fixed now.

Same thing here.

Still nope.

Do note that you can use the curses experimental if you really want to play right now

I know, I just noticed that the SDL is supposed to have a tileset support in or something like it, so I’ll wait for it to get fixed… Very interesting, das all. :3

I’ve messaged the guy managing the builds on IRC to include the gfx/ folder in the SDL builds. For now, though, if you download the source and copy-paste the gfx/ folder into the game directory it should work as intended.

Or, if you make a new JSON and tileset PNG you can change the path being looked at from the defaults in data/gfx.txt over to the path of the new JSON and tileset image. So, say you made a new JSON called “tiledefinitions.json” and tileset called “newtileset.png” and put them into the same directory as the game’s EXE you’d change the values in data/gfx.txt to “JSON: tiledefinitions.json” and “TILESET: newtileset.png” That will tell the loader to point at those files instead of the default location in the gfx directory.

Sorry for the inconvenience, it should be fixed later tonight.