Experimental build 21.10.2013 "bugged selection of items"

So the problem im standing over here is: Whenever i press "e"xamine or "i"nventory the screen will flicker into the selected menues or actions and then it will pop up with the message “Invalid item” or “invalid direction” as if it presses a button for me. i tried this out on two different computers (windows 7) with the same result. really anoying bug, restarting dosent help or savign and loading does not help

Having the same bug. No idea what triggered it, game was working fine for about an hour.

Edit: Making a new game results in “Unknown command ’ ’ x 2” queuing indefinitely. The number just keeps incrementing. Deleting my save, and making a new character, suiciding, then making a new character seems to have fixed it, at least temporarily.

This seems to be a weird interaction between windows, getch(), and the rain animation loop (???). This was uncovered while trying to fix a slightly-related bug. The change that triggered it was recerted, and we’ll be sure to test for this before landing a fix for the other problem again. (a pretty obscure one, if you hold down a button for a while, then let it go, you stop immeditely, unless it’s raining, slippery ground? :wink: