Excessive Reload Time - Chemical Thrower

I made a chemical thrower, because chemical warfare is fun. I went through the trouble of making some toxic gas for it. Then I reload it.

11 hours later, I’m done reloading.

I feel this is somewhat excessive. It’s not even 100% full and I spent literally the entire day filling this thing. What in the world could possibly take so long?

Known bug - indeed it’s on the release list for 0.D

I think it’s just because of how many “units” are in a chemical thrower “magazine.” It’s currently set to 90 per unit and there’s 1000 of these in a mag. That’s…a lot.

I went into the files and changed it to 20 to see how it felt. It takes a while, but more along the lines of 20 minutes instead of 12 hours.

Seems kind of short, but it could do. Somewhere between 20 and 35 seems good to me.

It’s probably some sort of mismatch between ammo volume and magazine volume.

At the moment it can be bypassed by unloading a container into the thrower instead of reloading the thrower itself.

Honestly the Chen thrower is a bit underwhelming. I love the idea of dumping poison in an ant colony, but 3x3 squares at a range of 4 max is hard to work with.

I think it needs longer range, or wider spread. You can’t dump poison on even ants without them seeing you and attacking. Gets complicated.