Engine Noise Issue

Hi all,

Has engine noise been borked?

I have just moved out of mum’s basement (Evac shelter) into a mostly stock Security Van - however the 4.0L V6 engine (Gas) seems a bit loud, loud enough to cause deafness, although only occasionally.

I had to add a muffler, fully repaired, thought all was well - but alas it is not. I have also fully repaired the engine, and ALL other items on that tile and the tile that Im seated on to drive thinking there might be a ‘hole in the frame’ letting sound through. The muffler is on the very back middle tile (on the edge of the car - not 1 or 2 tiles in like you see sometimes) theory being that is more ‘outside’ the car - there is a board and roof and frame (floor tile?) between it and my cargo space.

I have driven this design countless times in my 2-3 years of play - it’s my first car big enough to be babies first mobile base - never have I had noise issues - I usually end up with a 12L or at least two 6.5’s, why is a 4L popping my drums now?

Sound meter shows 12 -14 while cruising - no spikes when I do get deafened, and I can drive for hours without being so - but at least a few times a day I’m deafened, and it’s definitely the car.

What game version are you using?
There was an issue a while back that caused engine backfires to be deafening.

same case with me (although im not fully care about it as long as it doesn’t break the gameplay system) but the most recent build fixed it really good + some good changes to classes as well

Latest experimental - I’m using the launcher - grabbed every update over the last week.

I have just tried moving the engine - 1 tile forward, this time it is past the row of windshields, and on the front/outer frame of the van. Sound meter halved to constant seven, but I just took a small turn at 70km/hr - sound dipped to 3, but got deafened still - ears ringing momentarily first this time.

The van is in mostly good nick - but not anywhere near fully repaired, but that never mattered for this design before.

Edit: Tried a few more locations for the engine - cant get lower than 7 Sound. The descriptor for the engine noise on screen is the usual “whirr” and “humm” etc. There’s no on screen text message for a backfire?

Can recreate it every time now going pedal to the metal on a long straight happens quite quickly, and not necessarily at top end speeds - always been over 60km/hr so far.

Edit 2: Apologies - it’s the diesel 4 liter engine, not gas. Cheated in a few different engines to test - similar results.

This is related but not entirely: Bicycles make humming noises like cars now too. While pretty funny, not very realistic. They should probably keep a little sound making, but they definitely should not hum like an engine.

confirmed… bicycle somehow produce sound similar to car engines…