Vehicles don't make sound v4043 through 4151

Seeing a problem with vehicles not making any noise through the versions as title.

Where to find this bug? Seems to be with most vehicles in general.


Hop in a vehicle and if it has a muffler, the vehicle makes no noise at all it seems going by the yellow “Sound” meter. Without a muffler it makes noise, but not much, which is odd as well seeing as it would sound like a jack hammer going down the street.

Another bug similar, is when I hit anything with the vehicle. No noise. At all.

In short, vehicles are either not making much if any noise at all or the meter is not registering the noise, if it is being made.

In either case, vehicle noise is definitely broken. Nobody else has noticed this in over a hundred updates?? -_-

Few other bits of info. I’m using the pack in vehicle mods for each version I’ve tested. Out of the package, no other changes whatsoever.

Can you provide a save file? I’m using 4157 and I"m getting sounds with vehicles. They make vroom noises with no muffler, humm with a muffler and I see the sound footprints on screen. And if the hordes chasing me around are any indicator they can hear me as well. I ran over a shelf while parking in the garage last night and that made a heck of a racket as well.
I believe that meter you are referring to only shows sounds the character is making. Try setting off some explosives. They quite obviously make a lot of noise, but the meter won’t show a thing. Then observe the meter as you walk and/or smash an object. It will register there.

I’m not certain when the meter was changed, I know it used to show environmental noises. This is not a vehicle related issue though, this is a issue with the sidebar sound meter. On my system I’m seeing the yellow sound footprints on screen, which are a better indicator for me personally. I kinda forgot the meter was even there tbh, I never even glance at it :confused:

I think that the sound miggiggler measures sounds made directly from you. It should be easy to turn on an engine in the dark and test.

The sound meter is there to give you feedback on how much sound you are making.
I intend to have it display noise made by the vehicle you are driving, but haven’t gotten around to it.

Thanks for the quick replies folks.

Well I wasn’t sure if the meter itself was broken, or sounds were broken…or both? 0_O

In any event, I’ve seen all vehicles register with the yellow on screen meter. So no offense Kevin, I’m not sure what you mean mate.

Normally I’ve gotten use to seeing as Malk mentions, mufflers or no, they make noise. They normally show up as “X” amount of registered noise. So when I see it showing I’m making noise driving, but the yellow meter not detecting this, I recognize that as a bug not a missing feature…as it was already in game.

Also, when I pile my vehicle into a building. Once again, no yellow meter detailing anything happening at all. I was as far as I knew either completely noiseless driving through a mall (lol at the thought of it too) or maybe the yellow meter was broken, dunno.

“Something changed” does not mean it’s a bug.

Ok, sooo…I put a plow onto my truck, drive through a wall. No noise is registered and this makes sense to you how?

At the very least can you explain what was changed and why vehicles don’t register noise that the player can gauge? The yellow meter gauging the vehicle noise is…was a crucial piece of information to me as a player. Not sure what is changing with development, but I’ve been seeing firearms and vehicle noise changing in a way that leaves the player having no idea what noises is going on. As this game has no audible reactions for the player to know what is happening, it kinda made sense to have this feature.


I"m not referring to actual sound the player can hear. I’m talking about the yellow sound meter and whether or not it is detecting in game noise or it is something related is bugged. When driving, the words describing the noise works. But the yellow meter says zero. When I crash into something, zero.

I shall answer your questions with a quote from this very thread:

[quote=“Kevin Granade, post:4, topic:11209”]The sound meter is there to give you feedback on how much sound you are making.
I intend to have it display noise made by the vehicle you are driving, but haven’t gotten around to it.[/quote]

COMPLETELY missed that comment…

Thank you Malk.

I also apologize to you Kevin. I was simply lost without knowing how much noise my character was making with a vehicle as I gotten accustom to.

Missing that rather important comment made me think it was a deliberate change. Sorry mate!

Thought I’d add to the info on this bug.

A theme I keep seeing with this bug(as of 4779, 700 updates and still broken =/) is the bug is not apparent when I play a few runs.

I can go about 3-4 attempts ( start up game, quit game and start again). Then the sound just stops working on pretty much every vehicle.

Once again NOT ACTUAL SOUND! The yellow Meter just stops working while in a car.