"Empty Larder" warnings when larder is not empty

I keep having one chatty cathy NPC who bugs me about my larder “almost being empty”, even with 45000 kcal (18 days) reported on the manager screen. Is that less than the NPCs want to be in there? Is the NPC bugged? Who’s run into this?


The particular NPC who complains will change every time, but there’s always one, so I presume that’s just the code electing someone arbitrarily to be the spokesperson.

Unless I’m misremembering or it’s changed since I dealt with base camps, I’m pretty sure that’s 18 days for one person. If you have a bunch of NPCs they’ll go through it quicker, so if you’ve got 18 NPCs then they’d be very worried because they’ll run out of food tomorrow.

This seems likely to be it. Shoving a boatload more calories in seems to have done the job.