[Experimental] Disappointed your pantry is empty

I have food-stores piled up in my faction base but I get this same message no matter what, I’ve reconfigured the drop/sorting points at my base to the point of making out-of-game notes about it and this message still triggers what gives

Have you given the food stores to the camp manager? You need to select the “Distribute Food” mission to actually transfer the food into the faction camp’s inventory.

Not super wild about that part of the design, but it’s way down on my list of things to fix in faction camps.

  • You distribute 19k worth or calories of food to your companions "

" You don’t have enough food stored to feed your companion "

Perhaps you were running a deficit before this? It takes a lot of food to feed several hungry loggers and construction workers

I have NPC needs turned off -and- I have absolutely no needs feedback as to their hunger requirements.

I don’t mean NPC needs, I mean backpay for previous jobs they did where they came back to an empty larder.

it makes zero sense what the larder/pantry is, I send them thousands of callories before they come back from the job, leave food in the food drop point, they always come back hungry, this system needs more transparency.

So the order here is described by the NPCs in dialogue.

Leave food at the drop point.

Distribute the food to “fill the larder”

Make sure you have enough food distributed that when the NPCs come back from their job, it’s already waiting for them.

Food sitting at the drop point hasn’t been added to the larder yet. Until you distribute it via the camp manager it’s irrelevant how much you have there

I have zero way of knowing how much is or isn’t " in the larder "

Talk to the NPC. He will tell you.

I can probably add a “camp status” dialogue that will give you that information.

Ooh if you do can it also list the in-camp supplies of frequently used building materials (logs, sticks, 2x4, nails, etc)?

Maybe? The food supply is something I have in the code, I’d have to figure out how to find and parse the crafting inventory.

Someone already said it, but food in the space doesn’t count. You have to do the “mission” where the camp manager takes all the food out of the space. Just seconding that as the likely issue.

Right, but it’d be nice to have a summary of the camp.

Yes, true. Or at least more accessible. I feel like I remember seeing the available calories in the dialogue with the manager.

no he won’t, there is no feedback

edit: some kind of UI or -status- window feels almost entirely necessary to give us a better feel for how much food to prepare for these npc’s is needed, it seems like a major inconstancy that some jobs don’t -require- food and some tell you much you need to provide up-front.

Go to the camp manager. Ask him what needs to be done. Highlight distribute food, but don’t press enter… At the bottom of the dialogue displayed you will see

“Total faction food stock: x kcal or x day’s rations”

If this is zero, the larder is empty. Put food in the space behind the manager and select “distribute food”. The number should go up.

If it doesn’t go up, consider using debug to give yourself a hundred smoked meat or something, distribute that, and then see.

Edit: as far as I know, every job requires food for pay, it’s just not always listed. I agree it would be good if they all said it.

They still complain about it being empty even though I have 100 or so days worth of food in there.

Okay. That’s probably a bug then. That’s what I’veve been referring to with the manager giving you the larder report.