Electrohack bugged or am I just using it incorrectly?

Whenever I activate my electrohack with “a” as usual for activating things like knives and saws, but whenever I do it says “can’t do anything interesting with electrohack”. I tried using “e” on gunlockers since I heard I could use them to open them, but it says I need a lockpick.
Furthermore whenever I hack a computer it uses no batteries yet I hack the computer flawlessly anyways.
How exactly do I use hacks?

you can use it on card readers only, places like labs and military bunkers need keycard, but you can use the electrohack to bypass it.


Some lockers are locked electronically. Oft found in house basements.

Electrohacks are used for card readers or safes that require it. Note usually a card reader will open only the door and not deactivate any defenses inside of the place the reader is located (all bunker and lab turrets will be on) as such you should open a card door from the corner so you don’t have to worry about being shot by turrets. Safe locks come in 3 flavors, electronic (electrohack), key (lockpick), and standard (stethoscope or enhanced hearing bionics maybe some mutations). There maybe some mod recipes that use it but other than that.

Thanks for the info. Never knew how to get into the doctor office safe. So I assume a steth has to be in the inventory and couples with mechanical skills?

you don’t actually require mechanics skill although the action does train it.