Safe Cracking with stethoscope

How the thing is changed since the last releases with the lockpicking feature? Do I still need a high mechanic skill or lockpicking? or both?

I found a stethoscope and a safe and i’m trying to open it but it takes hours…

lockpicking is 2 and mechanic is 1 but in previous releases wasn’t so hard to open them IIRC

Safe hacking is totally unrelated to lockpicking. No changes. You need a stethoscope or a bionic to crack it.

IIRC the skill related to the speed of cracking was mechanic but with the change in the lockpicking/mechanic skills i thought i would need the previous than the latter

anyway the time needed has raised a lot

From my experience the content normally don’t worth it. Just smash the safe with a big hammer or the digging tools.

wouldn’t that damage the content, especially when we are talking about CBMs?

(if they still can be found inside safes)

Perhaps don’t happen often or not implemented because I don’t have any broken item.

do you know if there is any difference at all? i always wonder why crack it if you can smash it. but since i always tend to get better loot by cracking it than by smashing it i thought it had a difference

Perhaps save before open, backup, and try both.
I read somewhere you can drag the box and items stay in place, not sure if that was patched.