Electrohacks for robots

Yeah the tittle explains itself doesn’t it?
I mean we have electrohacks that allow you to bypass consoles, and we have scrambler grenades that temporarily make robots friendly, why not have a type of electrohack that permanently binds a robot to you as your guardian? The more powerful the robot is the harder it is to hack it, and for extra fun let’s add in a possibility that if you fail to hack the robot it overloads and detonates, which can critically injure or possibly even kill a player.

I approve this, sounds like a cool idea

Better still, have the existing electrohack work for this purpose. Truth be told, it’s a fairly non-optimal workaround for not having the ID card–no matter how well you do the turrets stick around. About the only place I’d recommend them would be in the lower level of Bunkers–and those you can reliably open up with about TNT or concussion grenades.