How do I cut a lock with these boltcutters?

It doesn’t seem to be an option. The lockpicking lawyer on youtube has a lot of great shares. A basic solution to many locks is two wrenches. I still haven’t found a hacksaw, do they work?

What sort of lock are you trying to open? Bolt cutters can go through a fence, but nothing in the game is specifically padlocked iirc.

You’ll need some variety of lockpick to pick any standard house/wooden door locks, a stethoscope to crack a safe, and metal doors generally need an actual keycard, a hacking tool, or a cutting torch.

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It was a locked chain fence and I cut a hole through it, but it seems excessive.

Someone has never mounted a battering ram to a subcompact.

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Heck I once built a mini-motorcyle from scratch down in a laboratory, to ram a locked metal door open.

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