0xA: A nuclear missile hit balance. Balance have been destroyed

There’re so much love, then why shouldn’t we add some hate?

Don’t try to say i am just lucky. I am not only the one who have this all.

What happened to the Holy Randomness & Unholy Balance?

  1. At least one map extra in every 3x3 map tiles zone. The worst stuff.
  2. High-level items appear to be worn by low-level zombie and can be easily loot. I killed a zombie soldier and he drops a mininuke! GODDAMN MININUKE! JUST AS I STARTED!
  3. You went out from your starting shelter, went to drug dillers corpses and obtained CBM: Fusion Blaster Arm.
  4. MBR vests EVERYWHERE! Seriously, i can make a video where i’ll find one in 5 minutes.
  5. It was said not by me, but someone else: “In 0.9 obtaining all this stuff would take at least 2 seasons. In 0.A i’ve got it just in 2 days.”
  6. GrAnades are really OP. I made a little experiment where i created 3 character, gave them 20 granades and exploded. EVERY character have got at least +5 to all stats.
  7. Bleeding. No comments - my character was bitten by a wolf ONE TIME(!) and bled out completely in 25 turns!

There’s a lot of examples of all the stuff i wrote. So, the game becomes extremely unstable and highly depending of luck.
I can’t believe the developers didn’t noticed that there’re a lot of scientists/soldiers corpses everywhere.

This guy… this guy… listen to him. Really.

Get out of here until you learn how to play.

Explain. I think he is saying he wants more hard things.

  1. Map extras might be a little common right now, but you might also just be getting lucky. This could bear some further looking into.
  2. The mininuke there is extreme luck. That said I’d like to eventually reduce the amount of loot zombies drop to some more realistic levels (basic clothes+maybe something else for most).
  3. That sounds like a bit of an over exaggeration to me, no offense. Military grade CBM’s shouldn’t be spawning on drug dealer corpses (though many others can). That said to successfully install something like that you are going to need some pretty high skill.
  4. Item spawning really needs a tweak at the base IMO, right now the system we use isn’t very explanatory to developers, and I’d really like a more robust system that is more easily tweak able to the exact desired rarity level.
  5. One of the future goals will definitely be to extend the early and mid game portions, as well as increasing the amount of things you can do and your options in the late-game.
  6. Granades are intended as a rare, shout-out type item. You shouldn’t be finding more then one in a longer game, if even that. You aren’t intended to ever have many of them. Eventually we also hope to add a “wacky cataclysm” type setting which should toggle all of these items and creatures.
  7. We actually did a fix for a bleeding related issue just recently in the experimental. It might be worthwhile to download that and check it out.

In an unrelated topic, what do granades do?

all hail the rng
you have obviously angered the rng and incurred its wrath
you must make a ritualistic blood sacrifice to please it
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but really… if the game was perfectly balanced it would not be fun
it would also probably not still be in development
aaand it would also probably be world of warcraft

Implying Warcraft was ever balanced.


On topic, though, I’d recommend playing Experimental. It’s not perfect, but as has been previously mentioned, the bleeding has been fixed already. As for MBR vests, they’re honestly more of a nuisance than anything, to me, especially in the early game. They seem more like an item to wear when you want to shrug off turret fire, not trawl the zombie infested cities. Honestly, give me an army jacket and some dump pouches any day. As for the mininuke… meh. If you want to get into a lab without a key, maybe it’ll come in handy. Other than that, I’ve not been too impressed with their current applications.

I haven’t really played the experimental much since I still have a lot of worlds going pretty well in 0.9, but let me just try to give a little opinion, as irrelevant as it may be.

The rng. It is an rng, and the point is that it is random. In an apocalypse, or cataclysm, than it kinda does come down to randomness whether or not you can find the right things or not, and if the whole point of the game is to survive as long as you can, I imagine that it would be better to just rule out the possibilities of you just wandering through a town for days without finding any food, descent weapons, or descent vests.

Just an opinion, not that I’ve played any 0.A. Maybe there could be a realistic option where it gives a pretty unlucky town.

You can fix this by turning down your item spawn variable. You’ll also be lowering the amount of other items, but that sounds to be what you’re looking for.

Many of the issues he mentioned stem from creatures dropping more then they shouldn’t. The item spawn variable unfortunately doesn’t affect the drop rate.

Hey, try to be a bit constructive please. This kind of reaction is quite inadequate.

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Hey, try to be a bit constructive please. This kind of reaction is quite inadequate.[/quote]

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Hey, try to be a bit constructive please. This kind of reaction is quite inadequate.[/quote]

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