How do you see Cataclysm monsters?

Post pictures/write descriptions - When you see a monster in game, what do you see?

Here’s what I see when I see a skeleton:

I see them as l4d monsters. I have no imagination :<

I usually think of eyebots as looking like these:

Fungal zombie :expressionless:

Well most of them are L4D monsters, so I think that’s fair enough :stuck_out_tongue:

i hear them. skeletons laugh mockingly. that;s how you can tell them from the hordes that mumble ‘brainz’. triffids sound to me like your skeleton looks. the sound of the apocalypse: green slime swamp worms. great pix all around; gotta go, i hear an eyebot coming! triffids!

You have a better image of them than I. :stuck_out_tongue: I always think of them as walking broccoli.

But… that is how they look in the movie.

I actually always thought triffid queens looked like this:


Then I read the description and found out that they are actually closer to this:


You’re not the only one that imagined them as a Spriggan.

I imagined the Eyebots look like the ones in Fallout 3, but then they also take your picture, so maybe the City Scanners from Half Life 2.

Triffid designs over the years (These are an old standby, after all)

But the classic design is probably my favorite

In game, though, I imagine them a bit thicker and more monstrous and obviously without the long poison spitting tool. Basically like the old movie poster:

My mind’s concept of their method of locomotion is a bit… hazy. Heh.

Now that I think about Fast zombies or Fresh zombies… I imagine them like nuckelavees.

Imagine having to fight these

I recently encountered one of those scary [color=pink]breathers[/color] … In my head it looked like a giant chewing gum. Seriously, what’s their purpose?

What the bloody cow is a Gezu? And why do they keep appearing in my farm? Dem mexicans, its all their fault >:C (Too much Red Dead Redemption)

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Get out of here, stalker.

Great game lol. we should really add the chernobyl sarcophagus in as an easter egg, filled with horrific radioactive mutants, hallucinogen and an obsolete, slightly warm nuclear reactor.
Who cares if cata is set in eagleland.

Hey, there’s that suggestion that nuclear plants should be added…

Really, I think a lot of the monsters from STALKER would fit great in Cataclysm. Not just Bloodsuckers, but they’re good too. Check em out, they’re all nice ideas. Hey, idea. What if there were certain areas of Cataclysm where reality started breaking down? Due to eldritch experiments. You’d find your typical anomalies like in STALKER, but it should sometimes seem like the game is broken. An idea could be that old bug where your inventory items started mixing together suddenly reappears and even weirder then usual with “crossbows of crystal meth” that don’t fire at all because it says “You can’t, it’s made out of pure crystal meth”.

No bloodsuckers please good sir. You’ll make me spill my tea.

[spoiler]I’d feel like much less of a man if I were terrified of an ASCII game. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Seriously if they put bloodsuckers ingame all cities are instantly at the FUCK_NOPE.gif zone of instant, abject terror. It’d be like opening a can of instant coffee, vodka, or whatever tinned food russians survive on–hell, I don’t know probably fish eggs or borscht-- what I mean is, that isn’t what’s in the can. What’s in the can is pure, unadulterated terror powered by your darkest fears.

I mean, the average survivor basically trollfaces zeds with a single window-- Yet with 'suckers You’d see them from afar-- and when they notice you boom, invisible. The nice cosy boarded-up safehouse on the outskirts? No longer safe, you couldn’t be sure if something invisible tracked you ready to pop you like a bottle of capri-sun. A quick trip into a nearby bar for some booze? you could never be safe. You could never know WHEN you’re safe.

Seriously, I’d instantly grab my backpack and head for the hills. I’d have to break into a military bunker before exploring any cities and then load it with enough traps they’d even kill indiana jones. Bear traps and landmines, then board up and wall off any entrance and sit with a few loaded shotguns and SMGs staring at the door. Probably need some of those instant coffee cans too so I don’t fall asleep… because that’s when they’ll find you. [/spoiler]