Dynamic and static spawns

What happens when i turn on both spawns at the same time? Also goes for npcs.

Static spawn generates at world start, dynamic spawn generates while you play even in already cleared areas for zombies.

For NPCs static gives you 1 NPC with you at the start for each char and some other NPCs in specific buildings/areas, the dynamic spawns NPCs at random that will move around on their own and may attack/mugg you, but also may give quests/trade with you.

Yea, i already know that. However my question refers to what happens if i have BOTH turned on. Any idea? Does one just override the other?

The won’t override each other, you just have static spawn and dynamic ON-TOP of that. So you kill all static spawned zeds and get them back later.

You can turn on both dynamic and static zed spawns? Every time I’ve looked it was a binary option: static spawns defaults to true, can theoretically be set to false for dynamic (though dynamic zombie spawning doesn’t work at the moment, as I hear it).

Uh, yeah, if both are on that’s a Bug.