Duplicate Missions

So, I’m doing missions for the PrepNet Orchard at the moment, and I noticed something odd. When I save and quit, then reload a save, any person who has given me a mission will have forgotten that they gave it to me and I’ll have to ask them if they need any help again to get the mission to activate. This doesn’t break anything, strictly speaking, but I now have three missions in both my Active Missions and Completed Missions tab, due to finishing them after reloading. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to remove the duplicates from Active Missions since I’m already farther down the mission line.

What causes this and how can I fix it, if at all? It’s not that important, just a slight irritant. Build 10959 for reference, so apologies if this bug has already been squashed and I just haven’t noticed.

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I’m not sure what causes it, my guess would be that it doesn’t save the state/flag right.
I think there was a similar issue (or maybe the same?) in an earlier build.

As for fixing it (locally, not as in form of coding): You can use the Debug Menu->(p)layerEdit (p)layer/NPCYouEdit [M]issions (WARNING: Unstable!) and try to edit them away.


Hm. Marking them as COMPLETE doesn’t do anything if the mission is already in Completed, and “remove without cleanup” purges the mission from both Active and Completed. Oh, well. Thanks for the protip anyway.

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There’s also an option of editing the savefile, there are lists of both completed and active missions. But I can confirm this is indeed happening.

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