NPC mission error?

Its like the guy no longer recognize the mission, dialog option is gone (sudenly stop asking about every time I chat) but mission still in log.
Need some sheriff badge.
Already try put on badge, and give badge to NPC.

–I had hoped this wasn’t still happening, and as such I did the only thing that seemed to fix it for me and just never risk changing the pattern.
–Here’s what I do: Simply don’t learn anything from the NPC (or ask to learn from) until after you complete the mission. I have no clue why or how these relate, but for me it works. If you haven’t learned anything from the NPC then I don’t really know what to say.
–If you finish the mission then it is fine to ask if they’ll teach you something again. In between missions (if they are a quest chain) you can ask for them to teach you something. Just make sure you ask them before you accept another quest.
–I believe I brought this up a long time ago, but that thread never bore fruit. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, but frankly NPCs need a lot to change about them. And it’s not easy to edit them from what I understand, they are pretty complicated in their programming.

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I think she teach me barter.
Many thanks. Very useful.

Yeah redxlaser is right, if you ask them for any supplies because your helping them, or to teach you anything while you have an active mission with them, then it nulls the mission. I believe it stays in your (M)ission list also, which can be annoying.
Once you complete the mission for an NPC, say you need no payment, then they will teach you anything at 100% chance. Some of the missions lines are also not complete, so once you do a couple they start saying “someone forgot to code this mission,” or something like that.

There was someone who was working, or laid out plans to work on the NPC code, but I dunno what ever happened with that. I think they were trying to do it over their school’s Winter break, and probably had to go back to working on school stuff, but I’m not really sure about that… I just remember seeing a thread about it on the old forum(smf) before we moved over to this forum(discourse).

Edit: maybe it was just the bases mod that was planned that I was thinking of, This was the thread I was thinking of.

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Thanks for the extra info.

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