Driving and hitting wrecks on the road!

I noticed something about driving in my last game… it really should be addressed!

whenever you collide with another vehicle (random vehicles in the road), and no matter how slowly you are moving, the other vehicle, and/or the one you are driving will randomly skid off at impossible speeds. My last game this happened and the semi I was driving hit a building and blew up as a result.

While I understand that placing those random vehicles on the road is a good thing, and also to keep driving a vehicle from becoming an OP kill all end all way of playing, the random skidding at 10,000 mph from bumping into a wreck on the road at 2 mph is a bit over the top. The semi alone can easily survive driving through a building if its properly armored, so why would colliding with a motorbike with that same semi send you skidding off at orbital speeds in a random direction?

Just a suggestion if I may… maybe implement a system where there is a % of a chance of rendering the vehicle your driving inoperable, and base it off the mass (as there is a system of mass in place already) so the higher the mass of the driven vehicle has a greater chance of just shoving the other vehicle out of the way. While a smaller mass vehicle may become wrecked instead ( with a high probability of causing an untimely death!) Also factor in speed… if your going slow enough there is a greater chance of just shoving the other vehicle out of the way, where as higher speeds increases the chance of wrecking yourself.

In that way one could theoretically clear a road of wrecks to enable safer travel, but also limiting the players ability of clearing an entire city by simply building a giant zed combine tank and mowing down everything in his/her path!

I assume you are using version .5 then?

In the latest git/nightly versions a large amount of vehicle problems have been addressed (though there are still plenty more). Most notably is the fact that vehicle collisions use actual physics equations, no longer does it cause orbital launches when you crash into a bunch of vehicles.

As for current plans, there is planned a system that actually utilizes mass and the strength of building to determine the damage it deals to your car (as opposed to your simple % chance), as well as some further additions/fixes to vehicles (it’s actually pretty much our largest goal for .6, to fix cars).

Oh wow… I should get the nightly build then. The vehicle physics were damn annoying. But I wasn’t playing the nightly builds, : )

I hope they got rid of flatbed trucks spawning everywhere as if they are a common sight on the streets.

Aren’t they? Where I live, they are nearly as common as sedans.

Pickup trucks aren’t the same thing as flatbed trucks.



Flatbed trucks tend to be much bigger, with stronger engines and you don’t see them all that often unless you live close to a construction site or hardware store. It’s why the in-game flatbed truck is so HUGE when compared to one of the game’s cars.

A proper pickup truck would be something closer to this:

Ah I see. I thought that they were the same thing.

In the .5 version, you can’t spawn any vehicles, except one or two times I managed to get a chassis to spawn.

Ahh well problem solved then thanks for the intel i2amroy… stepping my game up to the latest build now

Yea, there’s a bug in the spawning code that I’ve been trying to hunt down, if you’re in a wide open area and try in a few different locations it eventually works. Not a priority as it seems to mostly impact a debug-only feature.

Thanks for mentioning the issue kilozombie, just a few minutes later inspiration struck and I figured out where the bug was.

I am very much saddened that most of my !!SCIENCE!! with version .5 has been nulled :frowning:

at one point it was possible to gauge the angle of approach with your speed and use the cars as projectiles…I was even refining them into lethal long range artillery :frowning: