Dragon skin vest vs. kevlar vest


Almost made me lol in a library…

Dude, tin foil?? No I’m talking about crap you cover your house with and put in between girders. Even cheap aluminum siding off a house is .4 inches thick and would stop a slash or scrap with no problem. Lamelar construct would work and adding kevlar would beef it up. You can check out videos on youtube where people stop medium caliber bullets and shells with stacks of magazines. Lots of reference material. Plus titanium. Yes titanium again. Ultra light and durable. 2 1/2 inches of the stuff(not meant as armor, but example) can stop a armor piercing .50 round at 20 feet! Seriously…youtube…an odd place but interesting.


None of that’s going to be particularly wearable, and I’m fairly certain most aluminum siding isn’t .4 inches thick.

My point is that, as far as metal is concerned, anything thick enough to stop a bullet is going to be pretty heavy and hard to move in, whereas anything light and thin enough to wear isn’t going to stop a bullet. That’s why bulletproof vests use kevlar and ceramic plates.


Not entirely, there’s also the consideration of slowing down the bullet a bit to reduce the damage, which a block of metal just won’t do even if the bullet never penetrates it.


I’m not sure a few layers of kevlar is going to do that much slowing down on a rifle bullet, but that might be a consideration as well.


Heavy and hard to move it, sure, but not entirely infeasible. See:

Ned Kelly


Yeah, and look at the coverage. He got shot in the knee.

Armor the joints with that and you’re a statue.