Double Tapping, Zombie Types

Double tapping - so bludgeoning corpses is cool, but double tapping should be implimented. A faster, albeit louder method of ensuring a corpse never re animates. The benefits of this being that you can destroy a large number of corpses quickly. The negatives being: Its louder and draws more attention. If your perception is bad you can shoot yourself in the leg or the foot or miss entirely.

Zombie types - Specifically more of them.
Zombie squirrel/rabbit - Do not spawn at world gen. Spawn if a squirrel/rabbit corpse is not butchered or bludgeoned. Faster than zombie dogs. Minor damage. Pretty Harmless unless in swarms.

Zombie deer/moose - Same spawn rules as the squirrels/rabbits. Slightly slower than zombie dogs faster than average zombies. Slightly weaker than zombie dogs.

Zombie wolves/coyotes - Same spawn rules still. As fast as zombie dogs, more damage.

Zombie gasbags - Like boomers but filled with a flammable gas. Explode if taken out with a gun. Deflate harmlessly if attacked with melee. Leave a cloud of explosive gas that explodes if touched by fire.

haha… zombie moose. we’re all f*cked.

Zombie deer/moose/wolves/coyotes will probably eventually go in, though they will start out almost non-existent and slowly become more prevalent (since they won’t revive until they die off).

Squirrels/rabbits are too small to become zombies, and too complex to exhibit the gargantuanism that appears in insects. If you want more info on the exact specifics look up some of the in-game lab notes.

Curious, if bashing a corpse makes it take twice as long to revive, how long does butchering them and then burning them take (respectively and together)

If you butcher or burn a corpse (or do enough damage through smashing them/killing them with high amounts of damage/killing them repeatedly) then corpses won’t ever revive.

I’ve been thinking about “double-tapping” as well as other unconventinal uses for guns, like shooting items (lit molotov or propane tank :smiley: ) or terrain “shoot lock off door”.
As with many goo ideas, the prognosis is “eventually”.

Now that you are at it, do you still plan of streamlining pulping?

Yes, but 90+% of my time available for dda recently has been taken up with review/merge/test, and that other 10% has been critical bugfixes, so bleh :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries I just wanted to know if it was coming :smiley: