judging by amout of enemies it will be some kind of end game location?


Too many critters. The zoms were quickly removed, and the amount of actually respawning critters is still up in the air.

Locations can have a ‘population’ of monsters and will respawn monsters to keep that quota . . . or will eventually do that.

Right now, Im gettng stunned by the lost souls. They lunge at me and I get stunned and unable to run away. A gun is a must. and due to their low health i think a glock would surfice.


Isn’t that how Doom works anyway? You need a gun?


Yup. Well. Melee was the poor alternative because everything else had range or was specifically designed to melee. Having tried to handle small groups of them in the temple with modest skills and not equipped for it Im a little concerned.


Reverant rocket is deadly in melee, and rather unavoidable.
Macubus is unstoppable against the ai, due to the lack of ranged attacks and its own fireproofing.
cyberdemon blows himself up.

So they arent perfect. I nerfed the reverant rockets, the cyberdemon is fine, and mancubus had his fire mmunity removed. im tempted to give it limited ammo.

A zambie horde appears!

As you can see, he isnt the most accurate of things.


A Hell Spire, for the demons to play in.

Nothing much rn, 12 maptiles of demons in tunnels. I havent sorted out the spawning lists yet, so Im refering you to the other mod Im running that includes this, PKs Rebalancing mod. Ill be getting to this as a seperate mod, but when I have more time. There is a finale that offers rarer military loot.


It’s spelled Cacodemon.

jus sayain


But . . . But . . . But - he continues my tradition of slightly altering names. :frowning:

With the temperary completion of the hell spire I want to get a wilderness spawn for the demons, that perhaps has more umph to it. Im debating the theme of that one. Ive got a few themes in mind in general, but I do think that I would never do more than 3 of them, and 2 might suffice.

-Hell Spire, the church and tunnels below. Which has already been implemented in partiality. I plan to do at least a few more zlevels of it.

-Lab. A lab complex might be pretty easy to do, actually. Im currently trying to get the lab to spawn as normal but with the covet of also spawning demons inside it. The principle is an easy one; the uac/phobos/deimos labs.

-Castle. Perhaps the most fitting way to represent the bulkwark of a demonic war machine is a fort from which they spring forth from. military camps dont really work, supply depots are mostly a nope, and anything fancy like whole towns are too much for me.


Castle is castley


Im testing how well the Demons hold their own in actualy gameplay.

Ive changed the default spawn, and played with some ratios. Im happier with it.

The imps are stronger than zombies pound for pound, but zombies just keep coming. The lost souls are quite powerful as glass cannons of sorts, a pack of them shredding off the door of the armorer personell carrier below:

Thats the second or third time Ive been through the area, which is just south of a hell spire in a fairly small city. Size 5-ish? Its on the outskirts, with a few houses on any side and the large town plaza to the east.

The demons are perfectly fine here, but overall I feel like they lack a lot of the punch of the rest of the faction. Although it could just be that they are more like zombies than I care to admit. They are nighttime invisible, attack their allies, and have a strong bite with a dragging function. So they certainly occupy a niche in the Doom armies, but they are meh against the player, whereas Ive seen imps get into ‘packs’ and leap around from zombie to zombie, and boy are those packs deadly. Demons are loners, and meh?


Don’t forget to include thermonuclear bomb to nuke JC ass. It is some good shit.


Just checking in to say Ive been tweaking the critters.

I ran through a spire and there are still a few things bugging me overall

-Cyberdemons are proving hard to balance between ‘kills itself in rapid succession when something closes to (near) melee’ and ‘ineffective against its true nemesis, slowing moving vehicles’. Giving it fragmentations makes it destroy armored vehicles better, but kills it too fast. Not doing so makes it weak to vehicle and less effective as an anti-personell monster.

-I was under the impression it was possible to not have the critter run out of ammo. But they do.

-I am afraid they might not be doing enough physical damage, but if I raise it too much they cause too much pain.

so enh. Ill be packaging up an updated downladable version soon enough.


Add a chest-mounted (inaccurate) dual gatlings for anti-personnel and increase the cooldown on the rocket launcher?


I can only add 1 customized ‘gun’ attack, and the rocket is that. I could add a premade turret attack, but its also not friendly to the lore


Does the game still have an issue where having the GRENADIER tag conflicts with any non-grenade ammunition? You could do HARD_TO_SHOOT tracking missiles for Anti-Personnel and leave the rocket as anti-vehicle.


I could look into making an enemy that the demon spawns to harrangue its melee opponents, but I cant tell it not to shoot point blank.

So, mancubus makes jabberwocks into mincemeat.
And revenants arent properly shooting at ai targets?


Sitting down with the doom_castle. Its going to be a countryside estate, or rather fortress, that will have several building lain out and a more limited underbelly. We’ll see though.

First up is getting the design down. I figure its still a good idea to design single zlevel structures, but keep the multi-level ones in mind for when zlevels prermit good shooting mechanics/looking across the levels.

I have an area of 61x61 to work with, that leaves 1 tiles along the ridge, and I should dedicate a few more for posterity’s sake. So I figure 60x60 or 59x59.

I want the make walkways that are 2 to 3 long. This will create chokepoints, allow for creative acid bombing/molotoving, and let anything with an area effect really shred some ass.

I gotta get some graph paper or something. Im sure theres an application or website or something for this. Its a 3x3 overmap tile area, so . . . not exactly easy or practical to start over or make mistakes.


You could try assigning the Mancubi/Cyberdemon the “SMASH” special, so they have a chance of using it to knock away enemies instead.


Looking great so far, keep it up!

Any chance of a chaff grenade or something that would throw off the cyber demons missile tracking?


Were getting there. Hard to imagine what a demonic place would look like honestly. Trying to balance the chaotic and destructive nature of the aggressive demons with a efficiency and corruption of nobility/overlordship. A pragmatic dignity, I think is the proper positive terminology.

I plan a shanty-town in the bottom right, a food processing on the bottom left, a parade grounds of sorts top left, and a shop/temple/mamgaforge top right. in the middle is a keep, with an opulent throne room, and a few rooms. One of those back rooms will lead down.

This gives a basic order, like they have a goal here, but also leaves room for brutality and caste and structure. For the moment Im only using mostly vanilla materials, although a fleshy/techy wall may be coming around later. Gotta plan out a 3d map of the are, which luckily wont be so bad because most of the expansive stuff can be underground where 3d is already happening.

Lol, you can see where one tile ends and the next begins because I havent 100% errorproofed it yet.