Doom mod [IDEA]

Well, i would obviously want a Doom mod of Cata.

I love Doom.

But the thing is not that i am going to ask someone to do it, i just would like to know what should i have to change to make it resemble Doom. The spawns, the enemies, etc.

Maybe it would not be that hard at it could be achievable, at a low level at leasy.

The main problem with the monsters is the lack of ranged attacks available so far. It would be cool if we could mod them one of the available weapons for them to fire, like any NPC would. Reloading for them could be just a pause of a number of turn, followed by a “[Monster] is reloading his [weapon]!” message coz actual NPC reloading is pretty bugged right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could presumably add the turret special attack to enemies that are supposed to have guns to get a somewhat workable imitation of soldiers.

And Imp fire attacks? How it coud work? Like throwing an instant fire nade?

You’ll have to code that one into the game.

The easiest way to do this is to download Cataclysm, then delete it, download DoomRL, done.

LMAO after a long messed up day full of nasty turns this got me laughing, much appreciated

Oh could we get a mod suggestion subtopic, I really don’t like posting mod ideas here, but i have several ideas for mods and little to do with the actual vanilla game cause most suggestions for the vanilla game are almost always irrefutably denied by everyone for one reason or another.

Generally in games like this “mod idea without self creation” == “no mod created”. Creating your own mods is a fairly easy thing to do through all the JSON stuff, and I highly recommend you take a look at it (seriously its almost all self explanatory), but through my several years on both here and the DF forums I’ve only seen maybe 1 or 2 “ideas” actually end up being created and maintained.


Edit… The guides on the cata website are error’d Not sure what to do with this stuff
so i guess i just daydream silently about what i hope modders make and just pray they release something somewhat similar

Steps to look at the JSON stuff:

  1. Download Notepad++ or another awesome text editor if you don’t have one already.
  2. Open up the data/json folder in your Cata folder
  3. Open up whatever files correspond to what you want to change/make
  4. After saving your changes boot up cataclysm

It’s really rather easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

also take a look at the docs folder, some of it is esoteric (map coordinate system interactions), but a lot of it is straightforward info on how to mod things.

I knew this was going to happen :smiley:

Yeah, that is the bad thing.
Also, i want to clarify this: i am no modder and i am certainly was not asking for anybody to do this. Just asking how plausible would be.

Content wise you could probably accomplish the majority of content with no problem through the current JSON system. It’s possible that you may run into some things that aren’t currently supported (for example right now we don’t really support monster ranged attacks well) and those would require a small amount of coding. Certainly well within the realm of someone who has a bit of coding experience I would believe.