Dogmatic elitism, conformity and "theory of mind"-problems links for references and TLDR included

Describe the bug
Dogmatic elitism
After being circle jerked to death on github by the brave defenders of the “I”-Show here another wall of text to annoy tired baby eyes.
To Reproduce you
2. make the game as tough as you are

  1. say things like “BOMS NOW DO MUCH less damage against armored enemies. so the funtime is over you overfed noobs. Now after this here change will you play the true cataclysm:dda as only true survivors like me can even fathom how hard it is and of course, act accordingly in hours of boring gameplay. It’s worth it for the price for discipline is being able to judge those that do not apply your amount of self-torture on a daily basis. That’s how you get all those lazy sunday afternoon survivors. In this game you can’t lazyshit around, no, we will show you what true pain is Mr Schmister. UH HUH. You thought you could just download the latest jenkins and have fun??? NO. YOU OWE US. WE WORK SO HARD for this game so you before you have any slightest hint at fun must suffer greatly. One shit in the face after the other. Just like true survivors. You gotta do better next time. So don’t complain, we all did that once (only when we learned it it was still easy to learn and fun, now we made it superboring and dangerous haha)” MUCH LESS

Go into ambush mode on github.

  1. Be ready at any given moment on github to back whatever reality your friends are drawing with colored pens right now. (It’s a metaphor calling you kids and the realites you depict in your writing as lacking)
    I will try to spoonfeed you guys this as you apparently have never learned how to eat without shitting all over the food.
    “When you have a thing and then you take it and compare it with something completely different but by using that things core characteristics you explain how the other thing works.”

I hope the amount of text up until know leaves your tough tiny brains intact. I wouldn’t want to stress you again by expecting common courtesy. I can probably barely expect the lazy ones amongst you to not just read (“Courtney Cox lol you suck cocks”) since you haven’t given me any proof that you choose to be a thinking human. You choose to be wrong together.

Proud happy people don’t tell others what they have to do in which way when they use their product. They don’t need to feel needed to feel alive and thus don’t force their immature opinions onto others. They are aware of their own difficulties and see how hypocritical it is to judge.

Further if my idea is good I give you a present therefore you must invest the time to understand me in return and read my wall of text. I see you have this designed in a way that you can take all the credit by explicitly forbidding personal projects. WE ALL DID IT. Some people just have that way of communicating. You show social understanding by doing your work if you want to be cooperative. It’s only fair. Unless you behave like an adolescent. That makes you leeches. Since you insult people with the help of the authority the games popularity gives you.

It was clear to me that you all follow the lead of one. That’s why I didn’t comply at all to your demeaning highly complicated routines for contributing. You just got comfortable in your jury position.

`Conformity is the act of matching attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors to group norms.[1] Norms are implicit, specific rules, shared by a group of individuals, that guide their interactions with others. This tendency to conform occurs in small groups and/or society as a whole, and may result from subtle unconscious influences, or direct and overt social pressure. Conformity can occur in the presence of others, or when an individual is alone. For example, people tend to follow social norms when eating or watching television, even when alone.

People often conform from a desire for security within a group—typically a group of a similar age, culture, religion, or educational status. This is often referred to as groupthink: a pattern of thought characterized by self-deception, forced manufacture of consent, and conformity to group values and ethics, which ignores realistic appraisal of other courses of action. Unwillingness to conform carries the risk of social rejection. Conformity is often associated with adolescence and youth culture, but strongly affects humans of all ages.`

How can kids get the priorities straight of a game made by a grown up? By making 50 different sorts of candy? That’s why kids don’t become CEO’s boys. Because they tend to fuck up.

When you act like that towards people you tell them “I’m scared of you so I insult you haha come and get me you can’t”.
Your amount of discipline-expansivity, your self-given right to step way too close to someone else on the internet based on your communities strict rules is null outside of your community. Please respect that visitors such as I never agreed to be part of your religious self-torture rituals and if you were healthy you would have the tolerance within you to leave them a happier way of playing a game. But you aren’t, so you don’t.
5. ??? *out of the mist of survivor elitism you hear: “fuck you asshole im the big guy. that was not an insult btw so don’t overreact please”
What you expected
The original devs idea to have more weight since you didnt come up with this you just make it harder for only your own social benefit.

Groups that function well fulfill their individuals needs without sacrificing innocent outsiders. But you seem to be lost in an endless powerstruggle in which Kavin gets to be the “I’m scared of you so I act like I’m superior so fuck off asshole cunt hahahahhaahahaha”- guy. Thereby you ruin something that was so good it’s an example of greatness. And I connect greatness with spirituality.

Fun in meeting other people. Not inability to make contact.

You probably immediately sense disrespect (somehow you always do and dont get that there’s something wrong with that) and preemptively attack on a grand scale with more than 5 individuals backing your every word. I never asked to be fighting you, you forced me by stepping way to close. You could have been nice to me or non-aggressive at the least. But you rather strengthen your groups bond that is so thin? You do not want to be nice. Your rules are reasons to abuse people. To reprimand. You love reprimanding. You do not love hard reading. You do not want to make other people happy and gain nothing from it. You get your sick payment out of doing this abhorrent vile attacks on github. You do not accept biological and neurological variety which is the basis of our intelligence. So if you got your way we’d still be monkeys. You do not want to understand. Because at this moment in time you enjoy nothing so much as to beat the bad guy. But none of the people you so brutally slaughter ever deserved it. And then at last the big ass shits his 2 lines in which he acts smarter than he is again.Totally ruthless antisocial behaviour. To anyone who doesn’t do it exactly the way you want them too. You have no right to treat me this way. You never had the right to attack anyone in this unfair 1vs15 manner. And everybody who is actually mature enough not to shit on everything he can sees you as you are even if you can’t.

If you were really as strong as you try to make others think you are you wouldn’t need to attack one as a group. You’d have the discipline to grant the foreign entity the rights you’d like to be given when you were posting somewhere else, even if that meant seeing your guy lose.

But you do not. You would rather twist what’s happening as a group than accepting a loss. Since loss is inacceptable to you. Another weakness

You see if you call yourself disciplined you have to hold up to it in every regard. If you cherrypick when you will be disciplined and then still base your identity on the whole concept you make yourself look like a less smart person.

I’m still shocked by the kindergarten bullying and name calling you directed at me. It didn’t matter what I was proposing, you weren’t going to accept anything as valid and if 10 people act like it’s shit and massively disrupt the proposal right at the beginning well… read the fucking wiki link you conformist not individuals. What you do all maladaptive communities do in essence and they all make the same immature mistakes in their acting “as if”

Accepting that the current state of drugs is ridiculing and judging at the same time. Drugs should be represented as they are and not based on Kevingrenadine’s individual prejudices and despair-release-pathways. If he thinks that his opinion is the only truth he is suffering from mental illness because as humans we never can assume being 100% certain. No sane social person does that. Only people abusing their power are underdeveloped in their personality which leads me to another thing you guys were smart to inform yourself about.

Contrary to your “GET IT YOURSELF BHOLE” philosophy which just multiplies the love I will give you the first couple of lines so you poor textwalltortured babies (not that your game is tiring by now) can (grasp) understand this without too much effort.
Theory of mind is the ability to attribute mental states—beliefs, intents, desires, emotions, knowledge, etc.—to oneself, and to others, and to understand that others have beliefs, desires, intentions, and perspectives that are different from one’s own.

If you don’t start respecting that someone else has all teh things you have just within different experiences you show that you’re socially underdeveloped and thus unfit to govern the open-source development of a game. If you go off on everything you think you could go off on you show lack of self-control. So all your “discipline we are true survivors”-act is nulled when you show your lack of discipline where it actually counts, in relation to other human beings.

That at the top is the opposite of progress. And proof of that is that your little online slaughter chamber even exists. You are a shamful excuse for what you say you are and here you see yet another post in which I refrain from insults. Except for the panda, he just rubs me so massively I can smell his underbelly. You can act like I was in the wrong here but you’re processing is so awfully made to win arguments that in that process you can always find SOMETHING WRONG about the idea since 10 people immediately confirm what you claim as THE ULTIMATE TRUTH so you can build your reality. And you don’t let others win. It is a principle. Even if they are right and you notice. You won’t let them win. Because you don’t play fair in fights. It’s never about the game. It’s about you.

But do you understand that all the things you do to others you do to yourself? You will be outside your room every once in a while during your lives. And if you by body language show how awful you treat others and yourself bigger fish will recognize you and see if they can’t get some pleasure out of bullying the nerd. Since you play by their rules. At the same time if you declined violence as it leads only to more violence and death you would with your body language communicate pride and conviction, things the baddies lack and have no idea how to get. So they get insecure since “if he made it aren’t we a bunch of sore losers”? Thus you were safer. Also if you were upright and proud of it people would more readily see that in you and thereby improve your experience further. In my view of things there is never a GOOD REASON to be violent. To you it seems like golfing. And if you can’t control your aggressive impulses you will hurt yourself because the social part of your brain punishes you for being a violent man.

But it seems you are far beyond making that choice, otherwise you wouldn’t apply your lack of self-respect to others with that DOGMATIC ELITISM that you hide behind as a highschool class throwing paperballs full of their childspit.

I sincerely hope you babies can absorb this now without throwing a lazy tempertantrum at the amount. I even made an effort in shortening and not repeating without structure. But if you lack all discipline I won’t give you any. Why would I? You insult me but I’m still expected to comply to your instrumental rulesystem? By insulting me you have given away any rightful expectation regarding me. I complied to your useless form but form is never the issue. Rather how your tummy feels after you ate so much candy again. So pick a lame reason to ban me if you must but it was never justified and never will be. Just a part of your knack for conformity.

SO now better? here you have 3 references regarding your immature ways of relating to other people. Furthermore the adolescent structure of hierarchy and the maladaptive way of dealing with your own negative emotions. You show that by channeling your aggression into your growth area so that you eventually will stop getting fed like the big babies that you are. If you at one point on a day feel the need to be honest in anything please read the wikipedia pages then.




Poster is throwing a tantrum and is banned because this kind of thing isnt productive, but I’m leaving this one just so you can marvel at it.