Does zapping with the tactical tonfa do anything?

I have zapped a few zombies, but there is no perceptible effect.

Does anyone know about this? Is it ever useful?

Zapping slows your target down, sometimes to the point that they’re basically stunned. You will begin to notice the effect with bigger monsters, the once who are not only hard-hitting but also fast-moving due to how big their steps can be, like hulks.

Of course, human targets are especially susceptible.

Thanks. Do you actually use it?

My character struggles to kill a single zombie without getting hit ten times and bit. If the zap does nothing to them it’s weird that it would be more effective against these hulks you’re talking about. Since I only do 0-1 damage with the tonfa unless I land a critical hit I really doubt I will try to hit a bigger creature with this thing.

They should be affected by the zap, I should’ve said that its been some time I used it and that I had dex speed mod on so I might just be faster. Its just that it made sense to me for a stiffened-up corpse to be slowed even if it is dead but animated.

Maybe its the same with Smoked Mouth effect for these dead things. Though I am sure it works on humans, including ferals.

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Just in case though, were you Activating it then swipe at the direction of your target?

yes, activate, choose zap, indicate direction to target.

I also had an opportunity to try it on an npc human who tried to mug me. I pulled out a pistol and they began to flee so I chased them and when I got close I switched to the tonfa and I tried to zap that character at least 10 times. Every time was a miss, or it hit armor and did nothing. That’s at least more feedback than I get from the zombies. When I was trying it on zombies it didn’t say or do anything.

That bastard NPC got away too. Maybe I had more gear weighing me down, or maybe they were more fit, but my character got steamed and the NPC disappeared in the woods offscreen.