Tazer exploit

I just noticed that while the tazer needs 100 charges to fire. If it has less than 100, it will still fire, give the “your tazer has X charges but needs 100” and will not use any charges. I just killed a school full of zombies by funneling them into a doorway and tazing them to death one at a time. as long as the tazer has a charge in it, it will continue to fire. I found this in experimental build 0.A 1515.

either im very lucky, or boomers and spitters killed in this manner dont have their usual death effect. the two boomers didnt mess my vision up.

also, because of the stunning effect of the tazer, its possible to juggle three zombies at once without taking a single hit.

further tests (using debug to spawn monsters) have shown me that this method can be used to kill ANYTHING. ive spawned a flying polyp, a thing, a couple dark worms, and an amigara horror. as long as you hit them with the tazer before they can hit you first, their isnt a whole lot they can do to stop you from stomping them with your tiny tazer/tesla coil.

Huh. Flying polyps were weak to electricity in their source material, IIRC, so that much is OK. Tazer being Super Efficient seems a bug if it’s flagged as needing 100 charges, but stunning things (since ordinarily you wouldn’t be permitted 500 stuns) is WAI.

(To be clear: 5 stuns is definitely not a bug. 100+, as reported, is.)

the polyp was actually the one that took the most hits to kill, next to the amigara horror, which was on par with the thing. most zombies can take a few hits before going down themselves, but not many. a skeleton goes down with an average of two zaps, as do zombie dogs. other zombies can take anywhere from 5 to 10 hits. the polyp took somewhere around 15. ive been trying things out and have managed to up the amount of zombies I can juggle to 5. they just crowd in and I stand there electrocuting them. no need to flee as the tazer never stops working. robots were pitifully easy to take down, some of them going down in as little as a single hit, but only with the smaller ones.

Thanks for the report, it should be fixed soon.