Experimental build to increase number of zombies

if I go to options and increase this with a current game, will more zombies spawn if im using static zombies? I started with 4x and I would like to increase it.
Does the increase in spawns affect anything other than zombies?

I noticed now that I see zombie soldiers in random locations in the woods. They used to just be at military locations. Kind of fun.

doing game where I gave myself 25 points to start with, but lots more zombies. This is fun. combining with fast learning = skills go up fast, but dangerous. lol.
I would like to jack this up as the game goes on.

btw, I tried making larger towns, but when I got above a certan point, there is a bug. got a ‘debug’: cant find shelter. so I started in the woods and my map had issues. I think I made towns a little bigger for my current world.

goblinZ. ThrongZ of themZ.

The really good thing is as far as I can see - new AI’s on the way. Will it mean that the game handles large groups of enemies differently, because this after all is a large-scale RL, or will that bile just smell better for those fluffy towels, we are about to see.
Go Gadget Go!

my primary question is that in options. if I start at 4x zombies. if I change that to 8x, will iget more zombies in an existing game? or do I have to start a new game to get more. id like to ramp them up as I get stronger.

For the time being and as far as I can tell, you’ll get 8x buggy.
Just read what I wrote, the way that the game tracks AI changes was the main reason we never got to see large settlements and Levels. Until now, when you actually need a lot of luck with the World Generator to enjoy some of it.

But if the spawn rate is changed in the options does the game have to be restarted/ a new world generated for the changes to take effect?

Can you try that on your own just once and see? I don’t think that Town Size and Spawn Density are bound in options, so they won’t be glued during the game, don’t you think so?

I assume it would have to be restarted but I’m in no position to check until tonight, and it seems youtoo has a good character/world going and wouldn’t want to mess up the game testing it out. But then again I’m just guessing.

it’s a little weird.
if you change it, it will take effect immediately, but not change anywhere that you have already explored. any NEW areas you explore will spawn the new number of zombies.