Does Fusion Blaster Arm CBM 'remove' an arm?

I remember hearing about a CBM that actually makes it so you are effectively missing an arm (or at least your hand), but I wasn’t certain what it was. Now that I recently found this, I’m wandering if this is said CBM, and is it really worth losing an arm/hand for it?

Depends what weapons do you typically use? Also does losing a hand limit what items you can pick up in your hands or does it only prevent you from using 2 handed weapons?

Not worth installing. You can make a fusion blaster rifle out of it, tough.

I think thought that if you were to have a one handed ranged weapons which could accept both underbarrel weapons like grenade launchers or shotguns and the rail mounted crossbow you have the potential to have 4 (more if you have the other cbm weapons) guns/crossbows to bear at all times. Fun sure practical probably not.

It’s pretty awful really. That stops you from using a whole bunch of ranged weapons, and restricts your melee weapons to what you’re strong enough to wield in one hand.

The gun itself is basically an energy grenade launcher with flames and it WILL hurt you as well.

–What? It hurts the person who shoots it? Why would this even be a CBM in-game in the first place with all the terrible side-effects? I’d like a energy grenade launcher, but I’d also prefer not to harm myself and still have both hands.
–I didn’t know the game actually calculated for that fact that some weapons are one handed. That’s rather interesting. Does that have any impact when having a broken arm? As in if only one arm is broken and you are using a one-handed weapon it doesn’t have any penalties?
–This suddenly gave me an idea for some sort of light-saber claw CBM. Basically, it replaces an arm/hand with one that has claws instead of fingers. It basically just acts like the claws from a mutant when unpowered. When you power it, however, basically imagine your fingers turning into mini lightsabers.
–Then again, this would probably be cooler:

It doesn’t hurt you directly, it’s just that it has an explosive effect large enough that it usually hits you as well. Might be okay at long range in an open area, but you’ll have a hard time using it anywhere inside.
I’m not sure. I’ve only ever had issues with trying to wield two-handed weapons while one hand is holding a shield.

The gun itself is quite powerful, and its blast radius satisfying. the loss of the arm is painful when you could just otherwise use a conventional gun. though it runs on bionic energy, so that part is nice.

a secondary fire mode where it fires megaman-esque pellets would balance it out; probably even make it op. but attaching a high cost to the pea shooter and/or making it as useful as a lowgrade laser pistol would help. as would the long-awaited bionic overhaul.

its overall a nice attempt to expeiment, and if it offered meta-effects such as improving the armor of the arm its on and such itd be great. or getting a claw attachment for it. or being able to nob off a tentacle or tail to use it. all of which are, currently, nearly possible to edit in.

I like the idea of having an armcannon CBM, but it’d have to be a much more practical weapon to even consider using it for a laugh, I think. I like Fuscosco’s idea for a pellet mode, though my mind goes to Samus’ cannon (missiles, anyone? freeze beam?) and honestly losing a whole arm and making much of your damage output rely on bionic energy and/or rare ammo might balance out the CBM being an overpowered weapon.

limits wielding extensively

well the arm cannon is a little stronger than a chickenwalker so if you need holy shit fuck you power it’s the best around
also it’s closer to if it isn’t one handed it’ll drop it out of your hand and tell you to fuck off

What we really need is a lab version of this:

Make the arm really rare and detachable while under it is the blaster. I’d also like a nice version of Lady to have as a companion that may or may not get fresh with my male character and…erm…nm on that last bit xD

I was thinking making it something like this:


Does she plan on shooting while driving? I feel like that would be hard since it is in her left arm. Or was it mirrored to avoid copyright?